Additional car tax changes: From 2022, drivers in certain UK regions will face significant new costs.


Additional car tax changes: From 2022, drivers in certain UK regions will face significant new costs.

NEW CAR TAX CHANGES affecting petrol and diesel vehicles will be implemented in a number of UK cities starting in 2022 in an effort to reduce car emissions.

In 2021, new Clean Air ZOnes have already opened in Bath and Birmingham, with London’s ULEZ set to expand in October. Bristol, Portsmouth, Newcastle, and Oxford all appear to be on track to launch new systems by the end of the year, but several cities are deferring their projects until 2022.

Many of the systems will levy up to £60 in fees on older petrol and diesel drivers that use the roads.

The new fee, which will cover a large portion of the city center, is set to begin on January 5, 2022.

The latest modifications will not affect car drivers, with a focus on private hire vehicles and HGVs.

Non-compliant drivers might face daily fines of up to £50, but the council has pledged to support a “comprehensive scheme” of discounts.

Drivers will be able to upgrade their vehicle to a compatible model as part of this.

If you work in the city center, you may be eligible for an exemption or a temporary reduction.

The introduction of a number of significant Clean Air Zones throughout some of Scotland’s biggest cities is being planned for next year.

Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, and Glasgow are among the cities affected, with automobile drivers facing steep fines.

The Low Emissions Zone will not charge a daily fee to use the roads, instead prohibiting older gasoline and diesel vehicles from doing so.

Penalty Charge Notices of £60 will be issued to anyone who break the rules.

Fines are also projected to double with each LEZ violation within the same city, only to reset after 80 days.

Penalties for cars will be capped at £480, and for HGVs and buses, at £960.

However, this is expected to be the worst Clean Air Zone yet, affecting both petrol and diesel drivers.

This summer, a public consultation on the new proposals is anticipated to begin.

Scotland’s Low Emission Zones – The organization sponsoring the new projects claims that the new plans will “protect public health” and “improve air quality” for locals.

“Scotland is establishing Low Emission Zones to improve air quality across Aberdeen, Dundee, and Edinburgh in 2022,” they claimed.


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