According to vaccination researcher Robert Malone, public health reaction to Covid-19 lags behind facts and fails to consider real hazards.


According to vaccination researcher Robert Malone, public health reaction to Covid-19 lags behind facts and fails to consider real hazards.

In an interview with RT on Thursday, Malone said, “The same mistakes keep getting committed again and again.” He highlighted that the basic mistake is that the public health community is built to make choices by consensus, so it is sluggish to react to data and is always 4-6 months behind the curve — rather than looking ahead and adapting depending on new knowledge.

The “completely improper” presence of affluent sponsors such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has also affected public policy, he noted.

Malone has been active in vaccine development for decades and was one of the scientists behind the creation of mRNA technology, which is presently employed in the US by the Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccines. During the coronavirus pandemic, he ran afoul of the medical establishment for looking into alternative therapies and resisting vaccination orders.

“The international health community has an obligation to offer clear, transparent, and convincing evidence in support of vaccine product uptake in the relevant demographics.” “It isn’t their business to impose mandates,” he explained.

Vaccine mandates are something I strongly oppose. From a bioethical standpoint, I believe this is unethical.

Attempts to mandate the vaccines, he added, are fuelling vaccination apprehension among those in high-risk groups who need to get them. Malone told RT that there is overwhelming evidence that immunization improves the elderly, morbidly obese, immunocompromised, and other high-risk groups.

In the United States, risk-benefit ratios have traditionally been stratified by age groups and categories. Because “there’s no dispute that the [Pfizer] vaccine has a relationship with myocarditis and pericarditis in adolescents, particularly in young men but also in young girls,” Malone stated, the current ratio “does not justify vaccination” with mRNA jabs for young adults and children. “The issue is that we’ve been warned we’re all at great risk of contracting the virus and dying as a result of it. That is a falsehood, to put it mildly,” Malone added, noting that Covid-19 primarily affects the elderly and obese. He cited the fact that “developing economies” and African countries, where obesity isn’t as common as it is in the West’s industrialized nations, have a lower rate of serious cases and deaths.

Scientists have struggled to interpret the data from Africa, with theories ranging from a lack of testing to improved immunity to other diseases. On the continent, less than 2% of people were vaccinated. News from Brinkwire in a nutshell. Search the internet for further information.


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