According to new electric car plans, some drivers may be “left behind” since they do not have a driveway.


According to new electric car plans, some drivers may be “left behind” since they do not have a driveway.

Many drivers and “vast areas of society” could be “left behind” if new electric car charging proposals are implemented, according to Centrica experts.

Under the new Transport Decarbonisation Plan, the government has vowed to improve electric charging facilities for homes. However, public charging assistance will be contingent on local council approval, which could cause construction to be delayed.

The government has suggested new rules regarding electric chargers in private residences.

According to them, all new residential and non-residential structures with a parking spot will be required to have a charging station installed.

A new Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme will be launched for excited homeowners with dedicated parking.

This will assist in providing funding for the purchase and installation of a charging bay.

As part of a fresh onslaught on private charging bays, the government has planned to shift its focus to leaseholders and renters starting in April 2022.

For individuals without a driveway, the government has created a new On-Street Residential Scheme.

This, on the other hand, will aid local governments in their efforts to develop EV infrastructure, which will not be directly controlled by locals.

However, only 24,000 charges have been delivered to the public network by the government.

Centrica’s Group Chief Executive, Chris O’Shea, stated that the strategy included “good moves.”

However, he cautions that before mainstream EV use, there must be a “significant increase” in public charging stations.

“While there are some encouraging moves in the plan regarding charging infrastructure, we believe it is critical that huge segments of society are not left behind simply because they do not have a driveway,” he added.

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“A significant expansion in on-street chargers in congested locations, charge points at work and leisure destinations, and rapid charging across the UK’s road network is required.

“It is critical that the government and private sector collaborate to create a cleaner transportation network that is both affordable and convenient for consumers.”

According to recent statistics from Centrica, 83 percent of UK drivers believe that switching to electric cars is easier for those who have a driveway.

Only 7% of people who do not have a driveway or off-street parking now own an electric vehicle.

Only around a quarter of those surveyed are considering switching to the new system. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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