a resident in London warns Low-traffic areas have made traffic congestion ‘worse and worse.’


a resident in London warns Low-traffic areas have made traffic congestion ‘worse and worse.’

A LOCAL London resident claims that a new Low Traffic Neighbourhood program has exacerbated traffic congestion in her Vanbrugh Hill, Greenwich neighborhood.

According to the resident, a nearby LTN may have played a role in diverting traffic down her residential street, causing enormous traffic jams. Before the LTN was erected, she claimed, the locals had been dealing with traffic difficulties for years, with fast cars being a big issue.

The amount of traffic has grown to the point where residents allege it can take up to 20 minutes for automobiles to flow through.

As a result, frustrated motorists frequently try to push their way through by driving against oncoming traffic.

Despite the fact that a school is only a few meters away, the road’s geometry sometimes results in motorists rushing into a blind turn.

The resident has requested that a new LTN be implemented in her neighborhood to ensure that pedestrians are kept safe at all times.

She supports LTN networks, but has advocated for a wider expansion to ensure that no areas are left behind.

“It’s not like this is brand new, but it’s gotten worse and worse since the LTN was installed next to us at Hills and Vales,” she remarked.

“I know a lot of folks who live in the Hills and Vales, and it’s fantastic that so many of them can cycle.

“I can’t cycle right now, despite the fact that we have a cycle lane at the bottom of the road. How am I going to get there because this road isn’t safe?

“If an LTN were to be introduced, I’d be cycling everywhere, and that would be fantastic.”

“The aim is for all residential streets to become Low Traffic Neighbourhoods,” she continued.

“It will be busy, but people will begin to say, ‘wait a minute, I don’t need to drive my kids to school; in fact, walking or riding our bikes will be faster.’ People will not do anything until it is safe.”

Following a series of demonstrations, many London councils have already scrapped their Low Traffic Neighbourhood initiatives.

After 2,000 residents marched on the town hall, Ealing Council turned down their project.

The decision came only a few weeks after Harrow Council scrapped its plan due to similar concerns.

Instead of being scrapped, the London resident has advocated for the Low Traffic Neighborhood project to be extended.

“If they have put in a Low Traffic Neighbourhood.” Brinkwire Summary News, she said.


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