A permit has been issued for PepsiCo’s Tesla Semi Megacharger installation in its facilities.


A permit has been issued for PepsiCo’s Tesla Semi Megacharger installation in its facilities.

The Stanislaus County Planning Commission has given PepsiCo’s Tesla Semi Megacharger installation at its facility in Modesto, California, the green light.

It’s worth noting that on Nov.

PepsiCo CEO PepsiCo also announced that the Tesla Semi will be available before the end of 2021.

Installation of Tesla Semi Megachargers by PepsiCo

According to Teslarati, Stanislaus County’s Planning Commission issued a permit for PepsiCo’s latest project, which was revealed in public documents.

Last November, the said commission gave the go-ahead to proceed with the Megacharger installation.


PepsiCo, on the other hand, has been requesting the permit since April 12, when the beverage company submitted its application to the Planning Commission.

Teslarati also stated in the same report that the commission has conducted several safety inspections at PepsiCo facilities in California since then.

The permit was first shared on Twitter by The Supercharger Updates Guy, who stated that “construction can now begin on the site.”

The permit for the Megacharger at Pepsi’s Modesto facility was issued yesterday!! Construction on the site, which has a total valuation of (dollar)334,000, can now begin. pic.twitter.com0klPXsvHBo

November 23, 2021, by The Supercharger Updates Guy (@MarcoRPTesla)

Furthermore, the Twitter user revealed that PepsiCo’s entire Megacharger project for its upcoming Semi fleet is valued at $US334,000.

Tesla Semi PepsiCo

According to a report by Business Insider, PepsiCo CEO Ramon Laguarta previously stated that Tesla Semi trucks will begin delivering the company’s products, such as Mountain Dew and Doritos, in the fourth quarter of this year.

It contradicts Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO and founder, who previously stated that the Tesla Semi trucks would arrive in 2022 due to a supply shortage of 4680 battery cells.

The electric truck’s production has been stalled due to a supply shortage, causing its release to be delayed.

Despite the delay, Pepsi claims that it will be released this year, at least for them.

Tesla has only five weeks to deliver the Tesla Semi to Mountain Dew’s facilities, according to PepsiCo.

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