A pensioner with Parkinson’s condition was fined £100 for parking outside his home.


A pensioner with Parkinson’s condition was fined £100 for parking outside his home.

A PENSIONER with Parkinson’s Disease was slapped with a £100 fine for parking outside his own home.

After stopping his car in a loading area to unpack his groceries, Robert Young, also known as “Al,” was discovered. He was told that the charge had been handled by the property’s managing agent, JH Watson Property Management Ltd, but this was not the case, and he was handed a court judgment seeking additional money.

He was subsequently charged a total of £276 for failing to pay the initial penalty.

Jo Blakely, the owner of the business, has taken pity on ‘Al’ and set up a Go Fund Me campaign to cover the fees.

With £400 raised in just a few weeks, the page has already surpassed its £277 objective.

According to the list of donations, some people have given as much as £50 to the cause.

Ms Blakely said on the Go Fund Me page that the price was “outrageous.”

The page, she explained, was created to ensure that the fine was paid “before costs escalated.”

“A disabled resident of the Millroyd Mill Apartment building in Brighouse was handed a parking ticket for parking in a loading bay car park space so he could unload his groceries,” she claimed.

“The managing agent, J H Watson Property Management Ltd, assured him that everything had been taken care of.

“However, he has a county court judgment against him and is facing mounting legal fees.

“It’s absurd that a disabled person who is proud and independent (despite his problems) should have to fight this matter and pay expensive and outrageous parking charges in a building where he lives and already pays for a parking place.

“This GoFundMe effort aims to reimburse the costs of the parking fine as well as other expenses incurred thus far.

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“If any additional expenditures are incurred before the fine can be paid, we will increase the target amount to account for them.

“Hopefully we can get this fine paid before the fees escalate,” ‘Al’ told Yorkshire Live, explaining that he needed to park close to the apartment block since he couldn’t walk far.

He went on to say that the charge had cost him “a lot.” Brinkwire Summary News


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