A new ‘world first’ update has arrived for 20 million Sky Q, Fire TV, and Samsung TV owners.


A new ‘world first’ update has arrived for 20 million Sky Q, Fire TV, and Samsung TV owners.

A “world first” new function from at-home exercise software Fiit could be the solution if you’re hoping to drop a little excess weight from the last few months indoors. And, best of all, it’s available in the UK on millions of devices, including Sky Q, Amazon Fire TV, and Samsung TVs.

The most recent update to Sky Q, Amazon’s Fire TV streaming set-top boxes, and Samsung Smart TVs is sure to get your pulse racing. Fiit, a famous at-home fitness business that provides access to gym courses that can be followed from the comfort of your own home, has announced a “world first” update to its service.

The new version of the app, which is available on more than 20 million smartphones in the UK alone, introduces interactivity for the first time. Fiit has previously only offered static prerecorded films of some of the most popular workouts, such as core, upper body strength, cardio-vascular fitness, and rebalancing sessions. Fiit members will be able to watch statistics from their own bodies appear in real-time on the TV as they workout in the living room with the world’s most in-demand trainers, according to the latest upgrade.

Fiit isn’t the only service to provide such a feature. Apple Fitness+ debuted with a similar feature – bringing your heart rate and calories to your TV so you don’t have to take your eyes off the screen to check your stats – but it’s only available to those who have an Apple Watch and are taking a class through an Apple TV set-top box. Fitness+ is available on a variety of other devices, including a MacBook and an iPhone, but it won’t show the data from your wristband tracker. If you’re wearing a Fitbit or similar branded fitness tracker, the feature won’t operate. While these are only compatible with the iPhone, they can send notifications from your phone to your wrist… The Fitness+ class has no way of knowing your heart rate.

Fiit, on the other hand, works with a limited number of trackers, including the Apple Watch, Fitbit Versa, Fitbit Sense, and Fitbit Iconic, Samsung Galaxy Watch and Watch 3, and Galaxy Active 2.

Until today, the only way to see your fitness stats on the big screen in real time was to link your smartphone to the television. The new upgrade, on the other hand, means that, for the first time. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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