A new crackdown has been launched on a website that sells Sky TV for for £40 a year.


A new crackdown has been launched on a website that sells Sky TV for for £40 a year.

In the latest streaming crackdown, an online streaming service that offered consumers the ability to view everything available on Sky TV as well as thousands of Hollywood movies for £40 a year was shut down.

The war on websites that provide low-cost – or even free – access to premium content continues, with the newest shutdown targeting a popular service that provided consumers with low-cost access to Sky TV.

Premiumcccam offered complete access to Sky, Viacom Media, and Canal+ material, as well as the ability to watch 3,000 movies and 16,500 TV show episodes, for just €50 (£42) per year. Given that the lowest Sky subscription in the UK costs roughly £25 per month – or over £300 per year – it’s understandable that some consumers were enticed to join the illegal service.

Anyone who paid the annual price to Premiumcccam will now be out of luck, as The Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) has confirmed the site has been shut down permanently.

“ACE’s ongoing fight against piracy around the world has achieved yet another victory and set a precedent with this lawsuit. Such actions demonstrate ACE’s reach and influence, as well as the fact that there is no area on the planet that is out of reach. The Motion Picture Association’s Jan Van Voorn, Executive Vice President and Chief of Global Content Protection, stated, “We will continue to enforce in new regions as necessary.”

Premiumcccam was operated out of Serbia, according to ACE, and this is the first time they have shut down a service there. Near Belgrade, Serbia, ACE carried out a cease-and-desist operation, which was met with immediate cooperation from the operator.

Anyone visiting the site now will be unhappy to see that all of the material has been replaced with the ACE logo and a statement informing them that the site has been shut down.

Amazon, Apple TV+, BBC Worldwide, Fox, Netflix, Paramount Pictures, Sky, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures are among the companies that have invested in ACE.

This newest closure follows a slew of high-profile closures this year. ACE blocked millions of customers from watching movies on a website called 123movies.la in May 2021.

This program provided free access to Hollywood blockbuster films. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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