A man was fined after building a ‘fake traffic light’ to prevent motorists from colliding with his home.


A man was fined after building a ‘fake traffic light’ to prevent motorists from colliding with his home.

A MAN was fined after erecting a ‘fake traffic light’ outside his home to deter people from colliding with it.

Wayne Earl, of Upton Lovell, Wiltshire, was irritated after his Grade II listed old toll house’s porch was regularly damaged by passing cars, including being completely smashed by a lorry. As a result, he installed a bright green light on his porch, which the court was informed could cause motorist confusion.

The bright green light he installed on his porch was in line with traffic lights, according to police, and appeared to be set up to intentionally confuse motorists about the sequence of red, amber, and green lights.

After the police approached him, Mr Earl took three months to turn off the light.

As a result, the 62-year-old was charged with producing a public nuisance and brought before magistrates in neighboring Salisbury, Wiltshire, when other locals complained about the light.

“A police officer spotted lights signaling from the area outside his residence that looked like they could be mistaken for traffic lights,” prosecutor Ryan Senevirante told the court.

“The green lights were comparable in size and form to traffic signals, and they were placed in such a way that they were likely to confuse road users and perhaps cause traffic accidents.”

Mr Earl’s Tudor-style home in the village, where property prices average £600,000, is located at the crossroads of the A36 and Manor Road, where fatal road traffic fatalities have occurred.

Mr Earl had set the lights up after his porch was damaged by autos and even smashed by a lorry, according to his defense counsel, Trevor Line.

He was concerned that the trucks would soon damage his home.

Wiltshire Police Sergeant Kevin Harmsworth responded by saying Mr Earl’s light “presented a considerable threat” and caused “a huge amount of aggravation” among residents.

“The placement of these green lights, which are located adjacent to a traffic light intersection, generated a great deal of annoyance and anxiety among the local community and the local policing force because of the potential risk they posed,” he stated.

“We have no doubt that these green lights posed a significant risk to road users because they appear to have been strategically placed to deceive vehicles about the traffic light.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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