A dog safety warning has been issued after a viral video shows a dog hanging out of a car window.


A dog safety warning has been issued after a viral video shows a dog hanging out of a car window.

After a viral TikTik video showed a dog hanging out of a vehicle by its seatbelt, drivers have been warned about pet safety.

While the car was stationary, TikTok user darianleigh92_ shared a video of her Boston Terrier dog Archie swinging out the front window by its harness. However, Darian claims in the video that the dog leaped out of the car “when it was going.”

She added the video was a “excellent example” of why pets need a “tight-fitting harness and seatbelt.”

TravelSupermarket experts backed up the statements, urging drivers to examine other choices before relying on a basic restraint.

Experts also cautioned drivers against allowing their pets to push their heads out the window, since this could result in disastrous repercussions.

“Although your dog may enjoy sticking its head (and tongue) out the window, it is dangerous to do so,” they said.

“It’s also against the law. According to the Highway Code, your dog must be properly tethered so that it does not distract the driver or damage you or yourself if you must make a rapid stop.

“Think about if a dog guard, seat belt, or pet carrier is right for your dog before purchasing any restraints (and for the size of your car).

“Make sure the restraint has been crash-tested,” says the expert.

Many British drivers are unaware that it is illegal to travel with animals who are not restrained by a seatbelt or restraint, according to the experts.

Not only may this endanger the animal in the event of rapid movements or a crash, but it could also cause the driver to become distracted.

If a road user’s animal is not properly secured, they may face penalties or points on their license.

This could fall under the category of driving without due care and attention, which carries a £2,500 maximum punishment and nine penalty points.

Last year, demand in dog harnesses increased by 200 percent, according to TravelSupermarket.

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