A Blue Badge holder was fined £200 for stopping for less than two minutes in a parking bay.


A Blue Badge holder was fined £200 for parking for less than two minutes in a parking bay.

After a two-year ordeal over a parking charge, a BLUE BADGE holder has been awarded compensation.

Garry White received a £60 fine in February 2018 for stopping for 83 seconds in a disabled parking space.

Mr. White got out of his car for less than two minutes to read a parking sign before returning to it.

He allegedly showed the officer his blue badge to demonstrate that he was authorized to use the restricted area.

Despite this, he was ordered to pay a fine that grew over time as a result of years of squabbles.

“Basically, I drove in and didn’t realize there was an entrance sign that said ‘private land,'” he said.

“Obviously, you can’t stop while driving, so I kept going and parked.”

“I approached the sign and walked up to it.”

Because I’m disabled, I’m a bit slow and methodical.

“However, I walked over and read it, then turned around to see a man ticketing my vehicle.”

“According to my dashcam, it took 83 seconds from the time I got out of my car to them issuing me a ticket.”

Prior to a court hearing, the initial fine of £60 had risen to more than £200.

Garry was then compensated for his legal fees and damages.

“It went on for two and a half years,” Garry continued.

“It was completely ridiculous.”

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This website has reached out to Vehicle Control Services, the company that issued the charge to Garry, for more information.

Citizens Advice has advised drivers not to pay a parking ticket they are contesting.

They warn that paying a fine is seen as “admitting” that the ticket was correct, and that appealing it will be difficult.

They urged drivers to look up the company’s contact information and write to them explaining why the charge is being debated.


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