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5G is coming, does 5G need to change cards or change phones? Is it enough to change the flow?

Since last year, 5G has become a hot topic. This year, major mobile phone manufacturers have also shown 5G mobile phones to the public. Operators are also frequently testing 5G networks. It seems that 5G is really coming.

Then, 5G is coming, is it necessary to change the mobile phone, is it necessary to change the mobile phone card, and is it enough to use 5G traffic? For these questions, I think many of my friends want to know. Today, we will talk about this topic specifically.

1, 5G is coming, is it necessary to change the phone?

The key factor in determining whether a mobile phone can use a 5G network is the baseband of the mobile phone, which is determined by the hardware. At present, the mobile phones we use are equipped with 4G network basebands. That is to say, the current mobile phones can only use 4G networks at most, and do not support 5G. When 5G arrives, if you want to use 5G network, you can only replace 5G mobile phone.

Many friends will also have a misunderstanding. Is it that 5G can’t use 4G mobile phones? Actually not. Even if 5G comes, 4G mobile phones can still be used. China’s 4G network construction is relatively sound. In the long run, 4G network will still be our main network, so the use of 4G mobile phones will not be affected, but only 4G mobile phones cannot use 5G networks.

2, 5G is coming, do you want to change the phone card?

In the process from 2G, 3G to the current 4G, we have experienced the replacement of the mobile phone SIM card. But now the SIM card we have used has been implemented for 2/3/4G networks, and now it is possible to use existing SIM cards directly for 5G networks. Previously, for this issue, China Mobile has done a science through Guanwei: In the 5G era, users can continue to use 4G SIM cards to access 5G networks through 5G mobile phones, and also provide new SIM cards for 5G networks.

3, 5G is coming, is the traffic sufficient?

One of the deepest features of 5G in our impression is “fast.” Does this mean that the consumption of traffic will also be faster? This is not necessarily the case. The so-called fast, compared to 4G, there will be no stagnation in our use, less delay, etc., but the applications we use, watch movies, etc., the total traffic required is certain. For example, if we use traffic to download a high-definition movie, if we need 1GB of traffic, whether it is 4G or 5G network, the total traffic required will not change. It may take a few minutes or ten minutes to complete on a 4G network, and it can be done in a few seconds on a 5G network. Therefore, if the required traffic is certain, the difference between 4G and 5G is only the difference in speed.

However, due to the characteristics of 5G, when the 5G arrives, our demand for traffic will be much larger than the current 4G. Various applications, videos, etc. are also better optimized based on traffic and network speed, requiring more traffic. Or take the video, the previous 4G we watched the ultra-clear movie, maybe we will get used to watching Blu-ray video when 5G, the traffic is invisible and need more. In this way, according to the current traffic charging method, the traffic is definitely not enough.

However, so far, for the 5G network tariff issue, major operators have not given specific charging standards, after all, there is no formal commercial use. However, since 5G is a trend, at the same time, the state has also put forward the requirement of “speeding up and reducing fees”. Therefore, the future 5G tariff may be more expensive than it is now, but it should also be acceptable to the people.

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