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5G iPhone 12 Will Not Delay! Apple Analyst Says Expect This Device in Fall Despite Virus

We all know Coronavirus spread resulted in a wider problem in the tech world and their devices that aimed to be released this year. Most of them decided to postpone events, release, and other tech announcements to protect the health of more people. Apple seemed not to be part of this. An expert analyst said that the initial plan of Apple to release this year, 5G supported iPhone 12, still pushes through, and no one’s going to stop it. 

If you are worried that you might no longer get your newest iPhone for 2020, don’t think about it anymore. Apple Insideralready interviewed famous Apple analyst and Loup Ventures’ Gene Munster on Wednesday, Mar. 25, and he confirms that no delay will be happening on Apple’s 5G iPhone 12.

This is his answer against the initial claims of the Nikkei Asian Review report saying that Apple is now planning to postpone the initial release of the device in September 2020.

Nikkei reported on Wednesday that Apple’s newest iPhone would likely fall in 2021 and might take ‘months’ before its final release in the market. This is due to the reason that the company is now facing terrible market production after the health danger of Coronavirus around the world. 

“We have been notified to start shipping in big volumes to meet Apple’s new product launch by the end of August, instead of like in previous years, when it would be sometime in June,” said a supplier of components related to printed circuit boards via Nikkei. “The change was made very recently, and that could imply that the mass production of the phone could also be delayed for months.” 

Though the postponement seemed to be possible during these times of quarantine, Apple analyst Munster debunked this claim of Nikkei and explained that this is only a major ‘misunderstanding’ between the company and the suppliers. 

He said that Apple would likely not delay the production of 5G iPhone 12 despite all troubles surrounding Coronavirus. Munster revealed that a standard iPhone design usually takes three to four years to create– assuming that the entire design of the iPhone 12 and other features are now all done even before the issue of Coronavirus appeared. 

“That implies that by the end of March in a given year, the vast majority of work on an iPhone design and planning with the supply chain is already done,” Munster writes.

“In the midst of 5G iPhone delay rumors, it’s important to keep in mind that Apple plans its business in terms of decades, not years – an under-appreciated long-term competitive advantage,” Munster writes. “At the core of this advantage is the company’s balance sheet, which allows it to survive the unexpected; everything from COVID-19, to a financial crisis, or weak initial demand for a new iPhone.” 

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