1,000 jobs are being protected in the UK as Vauxhall develops new electric trucks in a “great” initiative.


1,000 jobs are being protected in the UK as Vauxhall develops new electric trucks in a “great” initiative.

In a major boost for post-Brexit Britain, VAUXHALL has revealed intentions to construct electric vans at their Ellesmere Port plant.

The new agreement, which comes after the company’s major U-turn, will protect over 1,000 employment at the plant. Stellantis, the parent firm, has stated that it could not promise that it would continue to invest in the UK operation.

They stated that a decision on whether or not to construct electric cars at the factory would be dependent on government assistance, which looks to have been obtained.

The deal, according to Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares, could be valued up to £100 million in investment.

“Performance is always the trigger for sustainability,” he said, adding that the £100 million investment underscores the company’s commitment to the UK and Ellesmere Port.

“I want to congratulate our highly competent, dedicated team in particular for their patience and contributions; we never disappoint them.

“I’d also like to express my gratitude to our partners, the Unite Union, for their open minds and strong cooperation, as well as the UK Government for their continuous support.

For the thousands of workers who had waited patiently for news, GB News host Bradley Harris said it was “great news.”

He said that Vauxhall and the government had engaged in “negotiations” that resulted in the legendary company’s support.

“This is fantastic news,” he said. If this occurs, the investment will be worth hundreds of millions of pounds right here in the North West.

“It will protect just over 1,000 jobs, which is critical.

“So for the 800 or so employees, as well as the thousands of others in the supply chain, who have been waiting for this for months.

“Supposedly, the firm and the government have been negotiating on how to support this plan,” he added.

“I’m crossing my fingers that these new electric vans will be just what these people require.”

Stellantis is currently constructing two additional battery factories around Europe.

One is being constructed in France, while the other is being constructed in Germany, with a third rumored to be placed in Italy.

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Professor David Bailey, an economist at Birmingham Business School, told the BBC’s Today programme that the news was crucial for the UK’s long-term future. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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