‘You’ve disgraced the club’: Fan fury after ‘Bad Barbie’ Tiktok sensation films herself thrusting against pitch at stadium (VIDEO).


Musician and model ‘Bad Barbie’ is part of the ‘XO Team’, a group of provocative performers with more than 1.2 million followers on Instagram following their often scantily-clad ‘creative’ ventures.

On Monday, seven members of the gang pictured themselves on the turf at the CSKA Arena, the home of the Russian Premier League giants with a capacity of more than 30,000, and announced that they would be revealing a “lot of interesting things on our channel”.

One of those developments saw Barbie saunter across the turf, take to the ground and make a humping movement against the grass with her groin that left little to the imagination while wearing club colors.

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In the X-rated clip, the shameless blonde also makes a salacious-looking gesture by moving her clenched fist up and down against the surface, gazing flirtatiously at the camera while pouting.

In a mildly less lewd section of the team’s post, Barbie performs sit-ups on the pitch while a male member of the troupe holds her feet, going nose-to-nose with him after rising.

The pair lock eyes and appear to be on the verge of kissing before Barbie descends back to the floor as part of the cheeky stunt.

ПФК ЦСКА, вы в адеквате? pic.twitter.com/jnvdXIKT5x

The titilating action has caused considerable controversy on social media. “I have nothing against TikTok, but this so-called collaboration is f*cking shocking,” railed one disgusted supporter.

“People who [have]probably [only just]first learned about the existence of CSKA, in our kit, playing some kind of game at our stadium.

“I’m just shocked. You have not promoted the club, you have simply disgraced it.

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“CSKA stirred up a collaboration with TikTokers and they filmed stupid videos in our kit at our stadium. One twerk on the pitch is worth it.”

Another scorned of the club hierarchy: “They decided to finally finish off our club with this disgrace.”

Barbie shared clips of herself performing cartwheels on the pitch with another member of the crew, toying with a ball at her feet and smiling angelically in the stands.

A post shared by НАСТЯ, КОТОРАЯ БЭДБАРБИ💅🏻 (@badbaarbie)

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