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WWE legend Rey Mysterio’s son Dominik suffers gruesome injury just weeks after dad’s eye was gouged out by Seth Rollins

REY MYSTERIO’S son Dominik suffered gruesome injuries courtesy of Seth Rollins just weeks after his the same man gouged out his father’s eye.

The youngster’s back and chest was ripped open after receiving numerous lashes with a kendo stick on Monday Night Raw.

And his legendary dad was unable to help him as he is still recovering from his sickening injury in their “Eye for an Eye” match at last month’s Extreme Rules.

Dominik, 23, will make his official WWE debut when he battles the Monday Night Messiah at SummerSlam as he looks to dish out revenge for his family.

He signed the fight contract on Raw in a segment hosted by Samoa Joe, who also revealed Mysterio Jr had another contract to become an official WWE superstar.

Dominik will be allowed to use his own kendo stick or other weapons of his choosing against Rollins at the Biggest Party of the Summer.

The bad blood has been boiling over ever since former Universal Champ Rollins defeated the masked veteran by gouging his eye out on the steel steps several weeks ago.

It was claimed afterwards the Mexican had been rushed to hospital and was being treated for a potential “globe luxation”.

Since then Rollins has continued to taunt Mysterio, leading to his son to attack him and their eventual clash at SummerSlam.

But after the contract had been signed, Dominik was viciously attacked by Rollins and his disciple Murphy as he was tied up in the ropes and whipped with the kendo stick numerous times.

After his beatdown, the camera zoomed in on Dominik’s chest and back and showed several deep welts.

And after the show had gone off air, WWE then posted high definition photos on Instagram showing just how bad the damage was.

Dominik and Rollins will go one-on-one at SummerSlam on August 23.

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