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WWE fans irate at major botch in Mickie James vs Asuka title match on Monday Night Raw as some even blame Vince McMahon

WWE fans were left fuming after Monday night’s title match between Asuka and Mickie James ended in a huge botch.

The legendary James, 41, took on the champion live on Monday Night Raw.

The duo produced a brilliant encounter that was perfectly set-up for an exciting climax only for what appeared to be a huge error from the referee to end it in farcical circumstances.

The 38-year-old title holder locked her opponent into the Asuka lock.

Mickie managed to roll out of it and almost converted her counter into a pin with Asuka’s shoulders down to the mat.

But to the amazement of viewers, the referee shockingly called for the bell.

The official had decided that Mickie could no longer continue.

However, those watching, including the commentators, were left confused as no explanation was given for the decision.

A stunned looking Mickie quietly rolled out of the ring, seemingly confirming a major botch had taken place.

Fans quickly took to Twitter to vent their fury over the incident.

And some were even blaming WWE’s billionaire owner Vince McMahon.

Here’s what the WWE universe had to say:

Only Vince McMahon could ruin a match between two talented legends like Mickie James and Asuka!!!

I’ve watched this back and I have ZERO IDEA of what the referee saw here on #WWERAW

Mickie James looks confused, Asuka looks confused, even the referee looks confused by HIS OWN DECISION.

Turn it into a storyline cause this was awful. Such a shame.

Still trying to process what happened at the end of Mickie James vs Asuka #WWERaw

Um… WTF was up with that Mickie James – Asuka [email protected] #RAW

What ON EARTH was that?!

Asuka wins after “Mickie James could no longer continue”…even though Mickie was fine and seemed super confused as to what was going on.


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