With Verstappen set to use number one, Lewis Hamilton explains the significance of the ‘lucky number’ 44.


With Verstappen set to use number one, Lewis Hamilton explains why he chose the ‘lucky number’ 44.

The battle for F1 supremacy between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen is set to resume this year.

Lewis Hamilton has explained why he races with the number 44 on his car after eschewing the chance to wear the number one for so long.

F1 drivers have had the option of choosing their own number between zero and 99 since 2014, with the number one reserved for the world champion.

Since choosing the number 44 as his starting number, Hamilton has won the Drivers’ Championship six times – but he refuses to drive with the number one.

And he admits he chose the number 44 because it is his family’s lucky number.

“My dad’s number plate on his car – he had this red Cavalier – when I started racing when I was eight was F44,” Hamilton told PETRONAS Motorsports.

“As a result, he chose 44 – it was his idea.”

It became the family’s lucky number after that.”

Until 1974, event organizers assigned driver numbers at each race.

From 1996 to 2013, team numbers were assigned based on the previous season’s Constructors’ Championship positions.

However, starting in 2014, drivers have been able to choose their own number.

After winning his first Formula One title before Christmas, Max Verstappen will race with the number one in the 2022 season.

For much of last season, the Red Bull driver led the standings and had a 32-point lead over Hamilton in July.

However, after winning three consecutive Grands Prix prior to the title-decider in Abu Dhabi, the Briton tracked down his rival and drew level in the title race.

As the sporting world watched to see how the season would end, the title contenders went into the season climax level on points.

Hamilton appeared to be on his way to winning the Formula One title for the fifth time in a row as he led the desert race in the closing stages.

However, after Williams’ Nicholas Latifi collided with a wall and a safety car was deployed, the season finale’s outcome was flipped on its head.

Verstappen took advantage of the opportunity to pit for tyres, whereas Hamilton was forced to stay out to avoid losing track position.

After finding themselves in the middle of the race, race director Michael Masi gave permission for five lapped cars to unlap themselves and move out of the way.

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