With two Premier League rivals ruled out of transfer talks, Harry Kane is expected to join Liverpool.


With two Premier League rivals ruled out of transfer talks, Harry Kane is expected to join Liverpool.

Last week, Harry Kane stated that he will stay at Tottenham this summer.

Harry Kane may have pledged his future to Tottenham amid a summer transfer crisis that saw him linked with Manchester City, but Liverpool might be in the mix next season. According to former Tottenham manager Tim Sherwood, Tottenham must drastically improve their league play in order to keep Kane at the club beyond 2022.

Kane’s statement last week appears to have been prompted by Daniel Levy’s refusal to lower his £150 million asking price for the 28-year-old.

City were unable to satisfy those expectations, so instead of facing deadline day with speculation over his future still rife, Kane chose to put an end to it early by expressing his intention to stay at the club.

That could be crucial for Tottenham’s plans this season, as there was little time left in the transfer window to bring in a striker capable of replacing Kane.

The focus will now shift to the remainder of the season, with Spurs aiming to return to the top four at the very least.

Kane, on the other hand, will be looking for more, as he has stated that he wants to compete for trophies in the future.

If Tottenham show no evidence of doing so this season, a year from now, a repetition of this summer’s transfer fiasco could occur.

But Kane may have even fewer alternatives in England next summer, according to Sherwood, who believes City will seek the signing of Erling Haaland.

Chelsea are also out of the running after signing Romelu Lukaku this season, with Sherwood speculating that Liverpool may be a viable choice.

“It appears to be now or never for me,” he stated on Sky Sports.

“I believe Harry Kane will stay for the entire season at the conclusion of next season, despite his claim that he is only staying ‘for this summer.’

“Other teams, such as Man City, are likely to target Erling Haaland right now. As a result of the £70 million purchase, the path is blocked. He isn’t going to go just to leave.

“He’ll go because he wants to join a team that he knows can win.

“Now, that’s most likely Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, or Chelsea in the Premier League. Chelsea will no longer be involved since they.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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