With new regulations looming, George Russell dismisses Mercedes and issues a warning to Red Bull.


With new regulations looming, George Russell dismisses Mercedes and issues a warning to Red Bull.

With the impending makeover of Formula One, George Russell believes Williams will be back battling for victories in the next few years.

Despite a recent lack of consistency in the championship, George Russell believes Williams will be back contending for victories in the coming years, as Formula One undergoes major regulatory changes next season.

Founded in 1977 by Sir Frank Williams and Sir Patrick Head, Williams has won nine Constructors’ Championships and seven Drivers’ Championships, the most recent of which was won in 1997 by Canadian Jacques Villeneuve.

However, the family-based team has been consigned to the back of the grid in recent years, struggling financially both on and off the grid.

They were later bought out by Dorilton Capital, a US-based investment business, with the Williams family effectively stepping down after 43 years.

Russell, who began his Formula One career with Williams in 2019, believes the team will soon be back on track.

“I am confident that Williams will make up ground. They don’t mess around; they get right down to business and invest where they need to,” he told Auto Motor und Sport.

“Look at how far we’ve come in a year with consistent restrictions. Because everything in the plant, even the processes, is improving.

“Williams is a winner. When you consider that we have been last for the past three years, that sounds insane. This team, on the other hand, has goals and is working hard to achieve them.

“They might not be there next year, but they’ll surely be in midfield,” says the coach. And maybe for podiums and victories in a few years.”

Next season, Formula One will be completely overhauled, with new regulations designed to shake up the competition and encourage more entertaining racing.

Vehicles will be designed on ground-effect aerodynamics, will be heavier with bigger tyres, and teams will have to build their 2022 cars under a financial cap, among other major changes.

And as a driver, Russell says he doesn’t expect many changes.

“I’ve only driven a simulator version so far, not the 2022 car,” Russell noted.

“A version of which we have a basic idea of where it will go.

“It’ll just be another racing car,” says the narrator. It will be different, but the transition will be similar to that of Formula 4 to Formula 3, Formula 3 to Formula 2, and finally Formula.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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