With Glazers’ hesitation on Mauricio Pochettino’s appointment, Manchester United risk repeating their blunder.


With Glazers’ hesitation on Mauricio Pochettino’s appointment, Manchester United risk repeating their blunder.

Why appointing Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s successor until next summer might be terrible for Manchester United.

It’s seldom easy to get the time just right when it comes to ending a failed managerial regime. And the rate of deterioration under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was so rapid that it’s easy to sympathize with the Old Trafford powerbrokers.

It took less than eight weeks to go from optimism following last season’s second-place result, the offer and acceptance of a new contract for the manager, and the joy of signing Cristiano Ronaldo and Raphael Varane to full disintegration.

However, if there were mitigating circumstances in ending the previous regime, there can be no such excuses in starting the new one off well.

As a result, Manchester United may be on the verge of making another blunder if they continue to choose an interim manager until their chosen candidate is confirmed next summer.

Any manager who joins United now has a mountain of problems piling up in their inbox, and if they know they’ll be fired in the summer, they’ll have relatively little authority to handle them.

At most, they might be able to right the ship and instill some confidence in a team that is low in confidence, as well as beef up the defense and change the playing style.

They could, in short, remedy some of United’s minor issues, but they would be largely impotent to address the club’s core issues or drag it out of its doldrums.

The lack of a quality defensive midfielder was one of the key difficulties that helped sink Solskjaer, but an interim manager would almost probably guarantee the issue would be left unaddressed until next summer.

Another factor is Ronaldo’s impact on the team’s playing style and mindset. Would an interim manager be able to push him to press harder, rotate him with Edinson Cavani and Mason Greenwood depending on the opposition, or perhaps bench him for crucial matches? A ‘temp’ is unlikely to take on that one, given that his super agent Jorge Mendes reportedly requested reassurance about the way Solskjaer was taking the club just six weeks into his deal.

Ronaldo isn’t the only problem with the team’s roster.

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