With a double-decker bus stunt, Tyson and Tommy Fury make a cheap Jake Paul ‘dosser’ joke.


With a double-decker bus stunt, Tyson and Tommy Fury make a cheap Jake Paul ‘dosser’ gag.

Thanks to a double-decker stunt, both Tyson Fury and Tommy Fury have dealt another blow to Tommy’s upcoming opponent Jake Paul.

With the help of a double-decker bus, the Fury brothers Tyson and Tommy have delivered yet another ‘dosser’ blow to the latter’s upcoming opponent Jake Paul.

Tommy’s older brother, world heavyweight champion Tyson, has been a vocal supporter of the 22-year-old in the build-up to his highly anticipated fight, and has taken his promotion of the bout to a new level this afternoon.

Fury posted a video of a traditional red double-decker bus with the slogan ‘Jake Paul is a dosser’ alongside the fight’s date on December 18 to the Gypsy King’s Instagram story.

“Just bumped into this character here,” the heavyweight champion says in the video, pointing to the bus, before adding, “Wahey, Jake Paul is a dosser! Get up there you old dosser!”

This is yet another jibe between the two teams in recent months, as the two have been constantly badmouthing each other in the lead up to December’s match.

Fury Jr. will face the YouTube sensation turned boxer in what will undoubtedly be the most important fight of his career, as he has won all seven of his professional bouts to date.

Paul comes into the fight with a little less experience, having fought in four professional fights and winning four of them, the most recent of which was in the summer against former UFC star Tyron Woodley.

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While many expect a close fight, many believe the Englishman will emerge victorious in Tampa next month, owing to his ability to work and train alongside his heavyweight champion brother Tyson.

With increased expectations comes increased pressure, and Tommy Fury’s camp has made it clear that he must win the fight or risk losing his career entirely.

Tommy’s father John was heard previewing his son’s bout with the American YouTube star in an interview on True Geordie Extra last month, confirming that if Tommy can’t beat Paul, his boxing career will be over.

“Can he [Tommy] fight? Of course he can,” Fury Sr. said.

But if he can’t beat Jake Paul, I’m going to retire him right away.”

John, on the other hand, appeared to be certain that his son would be able to complete the task.

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