Wimbledon supporters are outraged that the BBC has decided not to broadcast Roger Federer’s match.


Wimbledon supporters are outraged that the BBC has decided not to broadcast Roger Federer’s match.

Wimbledon spectators struggled to tune in to Roger Federer’s match against Lorenzo Sonego.

Roger Federer supporters are baffled and outraged that the BBC did not choose to broadcast the Swiss tennis legend’s Wimbledon fourth-round match against Lorenzo Sonego on the main channel. Wimbledon’s ‘Manic Monday’ is always jam-packed with high-profile matches throughout the day.

Federer has been a staple of the Wimbledon tradition, having advanced to the second week 18 times in his career.

From next year, the feature will be discontinued, with play being moved to the middle Sunday for the first time.

That could take some of the weight off of trying to fit in all of the big games on Monday.

This year, though, with a blockbuster lineup for both Centre Court and Court One, there was no such joy.

On BBC iPlayer, you could watch all of the action, with BBC One and BBC Two switching off on the main match at the moment.

On Centre Court and Court One, Novak Djokovic and Ashleigh Barty were the first to take the court.

On Court One, Felix Auger-Aliassimie faced up against Alexander Zverev, while Coco Gauff faced off against Angelique Kerber on Centre Court.

After Gauff’s loss to Kerber, Federer was the last player on Centre Court, arriving for his match against Sonego just before 6 p.m.

However, some fans were unaware that the 20-time Grand Slam champion had even begun his match because BBC Two chose to present Zverev vs. Auger-Aliassime.

“@Wimbledon, how can I watch the Federer game this evening?” one worried viewer inquired. The BBC isn’t airing it.

“Disappointed at bbc for not streaming live federer’s match,” said another, who couldn’t even find the feed on BBC iPlayer.

Fans who wanted to find Federer’s match on the BBC website had to go to a video called “Best of the Rest.”

Even though some viewers were able to discover the stream in the end, many were furious that the eight-time Wimbledon winner had been passed over for the TV slot.

“Winning #Wimbledon 8 times isn’t good enough to be featured on BBC,” one enraged viewer tweeted. In the United Kingdom, Federer is currently on red button.”

“Why isn’t the Federer match being shown on BBC?” wrote another.

“Zverev vs Federer for the BBC broadcast spot?” said a third, puzzled.


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