While Ed Woodward was sitting in Gary Lineker’s garden, Cristiano Ronaldo joined Manchester United.


While Ed Woodward was sitting in Gary Lineker’s garden, Cristiano Ronaldo joined Manchester United.

On the day of the transfer deadline, Cristiano Ronaldo returned to Manchester United.

One of the greatest storylines of the summer transfer season was Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United. He returned to Old Trafford after first seemed to be on his way to Manchester City. And now Gary Lineker claims that Red Devils boss Ed Woodward brokered the deal while sitting in his backyard.

Ronaldo appeared to be on his way to City.

The Premier League winners set to work when he made it apparent he wanted to leave Juventus.

When United became involved, though, everything changed.

City backed out of the negotiations quickly, allowing Manchester United to sign Ronaldo 12 years after he left for Real Madrid.

It was a fantastic story that ended successfully for United, while their opponents were left without the center-forward they so desperately needed.

And, according to Lineker, Woodward brokered the deal while sitting in his yard, according to the newest episode of Match of the Day: Top 10.

DO YOU CONSIDER YOURSELF TO BE AN EXPERT IN SPORT? Our difficult quiz will put your sporting knowledge to the test. Lineker told Alan Shearer and Micah Richards, “Put my cards on the table, Ed Woodward is a dear buddy of mine.”

“He’s my next-door neighbor, and when he was in my garden, he signed Ronaldo. It was fantastic.

“That was a lot of fun.”

“I knew he was on the phone to (Ronaldo’s agent) Jorge Mendes or someone when he stepped in.”

“I’m not sure whether I’m giving too much away here, but he signed him.”

“With his permission, I took a beautiful picture of him on the phone in the back yard, which I might post one day.”

DON’T MISSSRonaldo could prevent Man Utd from appointing Conte.

Conte’s comments about Nuno’s work at Tottenham have sparked controversy.

Arsenal made the proper decision to sell Guendouzi based on his recent actions.

Shearer also spoke out, stating that United were treated like’mugs’ by City.

Shearer stated, “They (Man United) played City like dummies.”

“He’d never go to Manchester City.” Cristiano Ronaldo could never have left Manchester United for Manchester City.

“I understand the owners of Man United are in a pickle right now, but that would have been the last of them.”

“I just assumed he’d never play for Manchester City.”

Shearer also believes United can’t lose after signing Ronaldo, claiming that bringing him on board is a no-brainer.

The “Brinkwire Summary News” stated, “They can’t lose in this position.”


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