While a fan-led review calls for a transfer tax, Gary Neville rages at Premier League giants.


As a result of a fan-led review, Gary Neville is furious with Premier League giants.

Premier League clubs should pay a transfer tax, according to a fan-led government review.

Gary Neville is concerned about a Premier League backlash in response to Tracey Crouch’s fan-led football review.

However, in a scathing attack on the country’s most powerful clubs, the former Manchester United star claims that greed has cost them the right to control the flow of money.

Crouch’s 162-page report calls for the appointment of a government-backed independent regulator, but Neville believes the Big Six clubs, in particular, will fight her plans to the bitter end.

“I have no doubt the ‘corridors of power’ will meet in the coming weeks to try to come up with a plan to bring forward some proposals that will suggest we don’t need an independent regulator in the next 12 months,” Neville predicted.

“However, now we know who you really are!”

“Big Picture has revealed your true personalities and characters.

“Because there is no independence surrounding the Saudi Arabian takeover.”

“Through the desire of those involved in the Super League to move English football away from the bottom of the pyramid.”

Or, to be more precise, that they intended to demolish the pyramid.

“We’re well aware of your character.

You’ve shown your flaws.

You’ve demonstrated it over the course of 30 or 40 years.

The Football Association hasn’t modernized in a long time, either.

“However, we now require the assistance of a referee.”

We require a third party to act as a middleman.

“Someone to sit at the top and smack some heads together to get these very smart, passionate people to work together for the greater good.”

That’s exactly what we’ve been looking for.”


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