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Where could Cristiano Ronaldo go if he leaves Juventus?

Cristiano Ronaldo has made his way back into the headlines again this week, but for reasons completely unexpected.

The living football legend is reportedly in uncertain waters at Juventus, with the Italian giants now becoming increasingly mindful of the astronomical £28million outlay they commit annually to his salary.

Juve, like all clubs around the world, have been financial hampered by the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, and this year will be without an added injection of funds for reaching the Champions League latter stages – after losing in the round of 16 to Lyon.

Now, with talk gathering pace that Ronaldo could be moved on by the Turin club, Sportsmail takes a look at what the options could look like, given the multitude of difficulties involved.

This one simply beggars belief, but reports in Spain have indeed drawn links with Barca and a sensational move for Ronaldo.

It is claimed that Juve have made initial contact with Barca regarding the possibility of taking on the iconic No 7, and pairing him alongside his long-term rival Lionel Messi.

On the face of it, this seems all but financially impossible. Barca have had their finances drastically pegged back due to the global economic situation, and haven’t entered the race for the likes of Borussia Dortmund’s Jadon Sancho as a result.

In terms of marketability this move would make huge sense, with Barca boasting the largest global fan-base compared to any other club.

Still, it would involve huge sacrifices on multiple sides, with Ronaldo almost certainly required to take a drastic pay-cut to make it happen.

If there is one team who can dip into bottomless reserves on a whim, it is most certainly PSG.

The French giants have never shied away from spending big on luxury players, and currently hold football’s all-time transfer record for their 2017 capture of Neymar from Barcelona.

Ronaldo, at 35, may have the superstar status PSG crave but his ageing years pose a worry and guarantee no re-sale value.

What Ronaldo does provide though is consistency, given his blistering scoring record has continued seamlessly in Serie A since his Real Madrid exit. This season Ronaldo concluded the campaign with 37 goals in 46 games.

PSG may well be tempted to make a move if, as expected, Neymar does eventually leave the club.

The Brazilian has on several occasions voiced his unhappiness, though has played a starring role this year in getting his side to the Champions League semi-finals.

It is the trophy PSG’s billionaire owners crave more than all others yet, should Neymar fail to deliver this season, ‘Mr Champions League’ Ronaldo could provide a refreshing alternative.

Meeting Ronaldo’s collosal wage demands wouldn’t be as much of an issue if Neymar was to be taken from the annual bill, even if the club did also keep hold of star prodigy Kylian Mbappe. 

A return to Manchester, but this time the blue side, would be the ultimate controversy.

Like PSG, City’s wealth knows no bounds.

A deal could technically be facilitated, but given City’s recent flirtations with the powers that be in Financial Fair Play ruling, it would be a minefield.

City are on the lookout for an individual who can guarantee long-term goals as club icon Sergio Aguero winds up his days at the Etihad, though investing huge sums of cash in a player three years his senior makes little to no sense at all.

The most emotional homecoming of all homecomings.

United fans have craved this for years, though it does appear as though the boat has sailed.

Despite losing revenue due to the pandemic and their diminishing ways on the pitch, United still stand as one of the wealthiest clubs on the planet.

They could, in theory, afford Ronaldo’s wages, but it would completely smash their pay structure and put the noses of several stars out of joint.

As they plan for a sustained rebuild, United are now investing in younger talent and looking to promote from within at the same time. During last week’s Europa League quarter-final clash with Copenhagen, the average of the match-day squad was 25.

United have been burnt before with Alexis Sanchez, after promising huge wages to a player entering the final years of his career.

While Ronaldo would be a much more reliable option, it is a gamble United simply cannot afford to take.

The purple patch of free-spending and fantasy transfers does appear to be over in the Chinese Super League.

In recent years a single transfer window could not pass without players getting linked with the division left, right and centre.

Big fees and mind-bending contracts were often spoken of. Think Odion Ighalo, Marko Arnautovic et al.

Just last summer the Chinese top flight almost acquired its biggest name to date, in taking Gareth Bale from Real Madrid.

A deal was in place and Bale was all set to depart, but for Madrid to pull the plug due to a spate of injuries.

It is now believed that such a move is not being revisited by any of the wealthy Chinese clubs, due to tightening of finances.

Should resources be found, however, to make Ronaldo the highest paid athlete of all time, the decision would rest purely with the player.

For this reason, it seems a move is impossible. Ronaldo has made clear on multiple occasions how much being Europe’s best means to him, and winning the most coveted trophies to show this.

Taking this from him simply seems too much to bear, meaning it is unlikely Ronaldo will ever play outside of Europe while he still remains at elite level.

In much similar ways as above, Ronaldo moving to America would be unlikely due to the drop in competition.

Ronaldo would essentially be waving goodbye to the glory days, and cashing in on the contract of a lifetime.

He would, however, be undisputedly the biggest name MLS had ever taken on board, meaning appetite to acquire the services of Ronaldo will be large.

One major appeal, however, would be the idyllic lifestyle of a glamorous US location, where Ronaldo would be less likely to be swamped by fans on a daily basis.

For his young family, this would tick a lot of boxes.

For Ronaldo, however, his craving to be the best simply cannot subside. Not any time soon, at least.

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