When will you be able to play golf?


When will you be able to play golf?

GOLFERS, both casual and professional, have been away from the green for months while sports are still outlawed in the country. When can you play golf, though, as Boris Johnson is scheduled to spell out his lockdown strategy today?

Because of the country’s regional and national lockdown restrictions, golf courses in some parts of the UK have been vacant for months. The government’s blanket prohibition on sporting activities took effect on January 4 in England, despite rapidly escalating Covid transmission rates. However, they have begun to fall again six weeks later, with successful vaccine programs acting as a backbone, and the Prime Minister has published a path to reintroduce outdoor sports, which began last month.

Boris Johnson’s road map lays out how his government plans to return England to “normalcy.”

The first part of his plan begins on March 8, when students return to school and individuals can meet outside.

Three weeks later, the second phase of the plan begins, which means golfers will have to wait another month to unpack their equipment.

Outdoor activities will be allowed to resume on March 29 at a number of locations, according to ministers.

Mr Johnson will announce today in a Parliamentary statement that individuals can return to tennis, basketball, and golf facilities for exercise.

They can also participate in organized sports like adult or youth grassroots football.

While sports lovers are sure to be pleased with the news, analysts predict they will be able to attend a game sooner rather than later.

Sports with fewer players, according to Mark Woolhouse, Professor of Infectious Disease Epidemiology, might “start safely today.”

“This virus very rarely transmits outdoors,” he told The Observer.

“As a result, outdoor activities that do not require close physical contact could be implemented now,” says the author.

“That isn’t an argument in favor of bringing crowds back to football games.”

“However, sports with a modest number of participants or sports for youngsters might begin safely today.”

England’s golf chiefs have previously indicated their dissatisfaction with the January 4 decision to prohibit games.

They argued at the time that the sport was safe to play during the pandemic.

The organization stated it had “conversations” with the Department of Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport in a post to its Covid FAQ page (DCMS).

Golf is a “naturally socially separated sport,” according to representatives, and it is safe to play “in the open air and with Covid-secure rules.”

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