When Lewis Hamilton retires, he will choose who he wants to win the Formula One world championship.


When Lewis Hamilton retires, he will choose who he wants to win the Formula One World Championship.

Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes explains his thoughts on future world champions.

Lewis Hamilton has lavished praise on his future teammate George Russell, admitting that when he retires from Formula One, he hopes to pass the baton to his fellow Briton.

Russell will replace Valtteri Bottas, the outgoing Finn, in a much-anticipated all-British Mercedes lineup next season.

The 24-year-old has been impressing in an uncompetitive Williams car this season, scoring his first points for the team in Hungary and qualifying on the front row of the rain-soaked Belgian Grand Prix, just a week after receiving the call from team boss Toto Wolff that he would be stepping up.

Russell was also impressive in Russia, qualifying third in Sochi and knowing that his future with Mercedes was now sealed.

The German team based in the United Kingdom was caught between a rock and a hard place, with Russell’s raw talent eventually outshining Bottas’ stability for 2022, and Hamilton says he expects big things from the Briton when he retires.

“You’ve seen George is incredibly respectful,” Hamilton told the BBC. “He’s a super-talented young man, and I think there’s already a huge amount of respect going in, and we’ve got a nice balance at the moment.”

“But he’ll want to be quick, he’ll want to show up and win, and he’ll want to do all the things you do when you start a new job.”

“I remember going up against [Fernando] Alonso in 2007.”

Of course, I wanted to beat him in the first race, so I respect and expect George to have that mentality; otherwise, he wouldn’t be a winner, right?

“However, I’m in a different location.”

I’m rooting for him to succeed.

There will come a time when I don’t want to continue in this sport, and he’s my teammate, and he’ll be the next Brit I want to see win a world championship.

“So, while we’ll be competing and I’m hoping to win on the track, I’m hoping to have a positive influence on how he conducts himself within the team.”

“Whether it’s the amount of time he devotes to engineering, how he analyzes data, or even how he drives on the track,” says the author.

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