When Hermes’ parcel goes missing after a ‘disgusting’ delivery, it ‘ruins’ Christmas.


When a package goes missing after a “disgusting” delivery, Hermes ruins Christmas.

Nicola Rooney claimed that a photo of the parcel “delivered” after being left by a closed door had been taken, but that she had not received the package for her husband.

After receiving a “disgusting” delivery at her home, a woman claims that Hermes ruined her Christmas.

When a package she was waiting for took longer than expected to arrive, Nicola Rooney, 38, contacted online catalogue Studio.

The package was supposed to be a Christmas present for her partner Tank, 29, but Nicola became concerned after waiting 12 days for it to arrive with no joy, according to the Liverpool Echo.

“I ordered a £32 Remmington shaver for my husband and was curious as to where it was because it shouldn’t take 12 days to arrive,” Nicola explained.

“When I contacted Studio, they informed me that it had arrived.

When I checked with Hermes, they said they had a photo of it right on the doorstep.

“I never received this; it was obvious from the photo that I didn’t.”

Nicola, from the Wirral, expressed her displeasure with the way the delivery was handled.

“It’s disgusting,” she said. “You can clearly see in the photo that no one was there to take the parcel; usually, delivery photos show the door open, but this is obviously closed.”

“It’s especially aggravating because we live on a corner, and everyone can see it.”

“It’s completely ruined [Tank’s] Christmas because there’s no surprise,” she continued.

Studio has since agreed to refund the original shaver payment and send out a replacement.

Nicola, on the other hand, is adamant about her complaint, saying, “It’s the principle of the matter.”

I’ve seen similar things happen to other people.

“Something must be done; Hermes owes a duty of care to the public; they must be named and shamed.”

“I was fortunate in that it wasn’t extremely valuable, and I was able to get a refund.”

But it could have been something very expensive, so just throwing it away is unacceptable; they are not taking pride in it.”

“We have contacted Ms Rooney to apologize for any inconvenience and provide her with a full refund so that she can order another shaver in time for Christmas,” a Hermes spokesperson said.

“We would ask that people try to be at home when our local couriers deliver because this is a very busy time of year and our local couriers are working very hard to deliver,” says the company.

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