When a man’s penis gets caught in the zipper, his innovative proposal goes horribly wrong.


When a man’s penis gets caught in the zipper, his innovative proposal goes horribly wrong.

Men are often pressured to come up with a unique proposal concept for their spouses, and one man’s unusual option resulted in an emergency trip to the hospital after his manhood became entangled in his trousers.

While preparing to propose to his fiancée, a proposal ring tied to his foreskin became trapped in his zipper, necessitating emergency penile surgery.

Men in traditional heterosexual partnerships may feel pressured to be creative while proposing to their girlfriends.

When shy partners hide from the spotlight, grand displays of devotion might be misinterpreted and received with disdain.

And now, one lady has disclosed that her boyfriend took his failure to properly propose to a whole new level when he tried to adorn his manhood with a ring.

“He actually unzipped his pants where he had the ring attached to the tip of his genitals,” Jacinta recounted on the Kyle and Jackie O show in Australia.

“The zipper got snagged and cut his foreskin during the process of pulling the zipper down.”

“So he’s tied the ring onto his foreskin?” host Kyle was taken aback by the news. That’s quite romantic, to say the least.

“That must have taken a lot of thought from him.”

Jacinta went on to describe the incident in further detail, saying that her boyfriend’s wild plan nearly killed him.

“We ended up spending the night in emergency,” she continued, “and he ended up undergoing an emergency circumcision.”

Jacinta revealed that despite her commitment to stay with her partner throughout his experience, she confronted him the next morning.

“Obviously, the next day, I informed him how appalled I was by what had occurred.

“I thought it was horrible, and I didn’t know how to tell my parents or respond when people asked, “Oh, how did he propose to you?” She recalled something.

“I want to have children, and to me, tying a ring to his foreskin is the way I’m going to spend the rest of my life with him is a major red flag.”

“Can you imagine if your own daughter, of an age when she’s going to get married, and she comes to me, ‘well he walked out of the toilet and he wrapped the ring around his genitals and it was dangling…'” Jackie O said, despite his injuries. I’d be furious. I’d approach her and inquire. The news is summarized by Brinkwire.


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