What Billy Joe Saunders intends to say in the ring to Canelo Alvarez before the third round.


What Billy Joe Saunders intends to say in the ring to Canelo Alvarez before the third round.

Before tonight’s super-middleweight unification fight, Billy Joe Saunders has put pressure on Canelo Alvarez to knock him out in the first three rounds.

When they meet in the middle of the ring tonight, Billy Joe Saunders intends to insult Canelo Alvarez before the bell rings in the third round. In order to dethrone the pound-for-pound champion in Dallas, the Brit is planning more mind games.

Saunders has gotten under Canelo’s skin this week, and he expects to do so again when he enters the ring.

Because of Canelo’s lack of regard for Saunders, who is a controversial figure to say the least, his Mexican fans are desperate to see a knockout.

During a live television interview earlier this week, he mocked a Mexican reporter by stating his breath ‘smelled like s***.’

Canelo’s trainer, Eddy Reynoso, has since arranged Canelo’s demise, believing the WBO super-middleweight world champion will be stopped.

Canelo wants to achieve just that in three rounds, and Saunders thinks he will remind his opponent of that if he hasn’t already done so in the first two rounds.

“In the sport, intimidation goes a long way,” Saunders told DAZN.

“It’s also about control. Through their media standing, they will have no authority over me.

“None of this showing up whenever he wants, status, he’s the star of the show,” says the narrator.

“I couldn’t care less if he’s the show’s star.

“He may appear to be the show’s star on paper, but trust me when I say it won’t be easy for him.

“He’ll be in for a rude awakening. In three rounds, he’ll knock me out.

“I want him to believe that after three rounds he will knock me out.

“When we’re in the ring for the third round, I’m going to say, ‘Go on then, this is your round.’ ‘Knock me down.’ After that, we’ll see what he does…”

Meanwhile, Reynoso has made it plain that his man has been told to go all-in for the knockout.

When asked about Saunders, he told Little Giant Boxing, “It upsets me.” “It’s not only about us; it’s about the trash talk with Mexican media and Mexican citizens.

“I never predict we’re going to win by KO; I always say we’re going to win.

“However, this time I.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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