‘We don’t know why,’ says the narrator. Everything worked against Emma Raducanu, according to Sue Barker.


‘We don’t know why,’ says the narrator. Everything worked against Emma Raducanu, according to Sue Barker.

Sue Barker revealed that she doesn’t know why tennis wildcard Emma Raducanu had to withdraw from the tournament yesterday night due to an ailment.

Sue Barker expressed her disappointment at witnessing Emma Raducanu, a surprising Wimbledon dark horse, withdraw from her tennis match against Ajla Tomljanovic. Ms Barker noted on BBC 2 that the reason Ms Raducanu was unable to continue is still unknown. The umpires just stated that the tennis player was experiencing difficulty breathing at the time.

Ms Barker observed that Ms Raducanu appeared to be up against it in her first Wimbledon outing.

“Before we go ahead to today’s matches, let’s take a look at what happened on court 1 last night,” she added.

“Emma Raducanu, an 18-year-old British wild card, was forced to withdraw from her fourth-round match against Ajla Tomljanovic.

“Raducanu sought medical assistance before leaving the court, and a message was later communicated to the umpire that she was unable to continue, citing respiratory difficulties as the reason.”

“It was heartbreaking to witness, and Emma Raducanu’s story ended on a terrible note. We haven’t heard anything, and Emma and her staff haven’t issued an official statement. It was simply a depressing way to end.”

She went on to talk about the events leading up to Ms Raducanu’s match and how important it was in her fledgling tennis career.

“We don’t know why, whether it was a medical ailment, and if it was, we wish her a speedy recovery,” she said.

“Whether it was the occasion or anything else, it couldn’t be helped.

“However, when you consider what she went through yesterday, everything seemed to be working against her in the lead-up to the most important match of her career.”

Tracy Austin, a former tennis player and broadcaster, believes the situation may have been too big for the young youngster.

“I believe the moment grew too large,” she remarked.

“If you go back a week, she was a complete unknown.

“No one but Brits in the know knew who she was, and I had no idea who she was or how to pronounce her name.

“All of a sudden, she wins three matches in a row, including a wild card match.

“She even admitted that she played above her level, that she surprised herself by hitting strokes she had never hit before.”


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