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Wave goodbye to that nasty slice forever! Golfer tests illegal balls which only fly straight

Whether it’s a duck hook or a horrendous slice, every amateur golfer has that horror shot in the bag.


However Polara Golf have created a fix for anyone trying to rid their game of those costly tee shots – and the results are incredible.

The technology works with a line of shallow dimples running along the centre of the ball, aligning with an arrow, with deeper dimples on the outer edges to enhance the weight distribution and reduce the drag. 

PGA golf coach Rick Shiels tested the revolutionary technology and filmed the outcome of his experience with it.

Firstly Shiels explains that when he strikes an errant tee shot it tends to hook left and although the three he hit with his usual TaylorMade balls hugged the left-hand side of the fairway, they were far from shockers.

But after teeing up the Polara and smacking all three basically dead straight, it was easy to see with the shot tracer that the naturally exaggerated draw had straightened up.

So what about that dastardly slice so many amateur golfers struggle with? Shiels opened his stance and club face right up and allowed for an almighty slice with his TaylorMade, which flew off right over the trees.

Next the Polara Ultimate Straight and sure enough the slice was far less pronounced, if there at all, as it bombed down the middle of the fairway once again.

A downside, Shiels noticed, was the markedly shorter distance on his tee shots, roughly the best part of 30 or 40 yards. 

He remarked the ball almost ‘falls out of the sky’ rather than the typical flight he is accustomed to with his TaylorMades. 

But the biggest negative, especially for those trying to cut their handicap, is that these balls are not fit for competition use. 

‘This isn’t used for legal tournament play,’ Shiels said after testing out the balls.

‘But if you’re not bothered about that, it might be some help. If you want to just go out and play golf, enjoy it, you’re sick of losing golf balls or wasting time or slicing it, weirdly, this might be worth trying.’


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