WATCH ‘What the hell is he doing in there?’ Moment Andy Murray had a meltdown over Tsitsipas’ bathroom break.


WATCH ‘What the hell is he doing in there?’ Moment Andy Murray had a meltdown over Tsitsipas’ bathroom break.

During his US Open match with Stefanos Tsitsipas, ANDY MURRAY was dissatisfied as he clashed with the supervisor over his opponent’s lengthy lavatory breaks.

Andy Murray got into an argument with Gerry Armstrong, the US Open supervisor, over Stefanos Tsisipas’ frequent restroom breaks. The Scottish champion disputed the many interruptions, arguing that the length of the break was difficult to justify given to the close proximity of the lavatories to the court. Murray’s gripes with the supervisor were captured on tape as he argued.

“20 minutes every time?” he asked. Oh, do you know how long it was?

“What is he doing when the toilet is right there?” What exactly is he up to in there?

“I’ve never taken so long to go to the bathroom before. When it’s right in front of you.

“What does he think he can do?” So that’s what he’s up to.”

Murray went on to say that Tsisipas’ restroom breaks were an attempt to derail the match’s flow.

After his defeat, the world’s former number one told the press that he had lost “respect” for his Greek opponent, saying: “It’s not so much leaving the court.” It’s all about the quantity of time.

“I told my team about it before the game and told them we should prepare for it if things didn’t go his way.

The problem is that you can’t change how it makes you feel physically. You definitely cool down when you’re playing a hard match like that and stopping for seven [or]eight minutes.”

“Every single time it was before my serve as well,” Murray continued. I believe he called a medical time-out shortly after I had won the third set.

“He also chose to go in the fourth set, when I was down 0-30. I’m not sure if he switched rackets or what he was doing.

“But, certainly, the fact that it’s happening at those times can’t be a coincidence. I don’t think it [the foot Tsitsipas massaged after the third set]was causing him any problems.

“After that, the match continued on for another two-and-a-half hour or so. He seemed fine and was moving well, I thought.

“It’s just unfortunate because I believe it had an impact on the game’s outcome.

“I’m not claiming I’m going to win that match, but it did have an impact on what happened following those breaks.

“I give it a thumbs up.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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