WATCH: Brooks Koepka scoffs at Bryson DeChambeau and says, ‘That bull***t.’


WATCH: Brooks Koepka scoffs at Bryson DeChambeau and says, ‘That bull***t.’

The rivalry between Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau is shown in a LEAKED tape.

Mr. Koepka discussed his success at the recent PGA Championship in an interview with the Golf Channel. Due to an unpleasant conversation between the two golfers, the video has subsequently gone popular on social media.

“The golf course was demanding a lot of you today Brooks, what were you able to do well and put up that fantastic number?” Mr Koepka was asked by Todd Lewis, a Golf Channel reporter.

“I just ball struck my way around this place,” Mr Koepka said. I didn’t putt well, but I don’t think many men will with this wind – it’s quite difficult. I’m not sure what the other guys said, but I found it quite tough to read. You know, there are times…”

Mr Koepka appeared to be distracted during his sentence by Mr DeChambeau approaching him off camera.

Mr Koepka froze on the spot as he lost his train of thought, rolling his eyes and letting out a loud sigh as he fought to mask his irritation.

On social media, users have pointed out that if you listen closely to the film, you can hear Mr DeChambeau mutter something as he moves past his opponent.

“Bryson went by at the same moment then suggested ‘maybe you should hit it on the right line’ under his breath,” one person who claimed to have been present at the interview stated.

Mr Koepka tried unsuccessfully to restore his composure after the encounter.

“I fing lost my train of thought, hearing that bullt,” he continued.

“We’re going to love it at the TV compound,” the reporter said humorously.

On Twitter, the video has been viewed over 3.9 million times, with hundreds of viewers commenting on Mr Koepka’s “disdain” for Mr DeChambeau.

“Would want to know the backstory on why Koepka despises Bryson,” one person remarked.

“The hate he has for Bryson is the best thing going in golf these days,” another added.

“I loved Brooks until I saw how bothered he was by Bryson?” remarked a third. Dude, act your age.”

This current awkward encounter is the most recent in the golfers’ tense relationship, in which they have previously made social media insults at each other.

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