Wanda Icardi, Mauro Icardi’s wife, shared a post about Princess Diana in’reference to Charles affair.’


The Paris Saint-Germain striker hit the headlines recently as his spat with wife Wanda Nara has been played out in public, with the model taking to Instagram to reference the Royal Family

The soap opera between Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara has continued to play out with the Argentine model posting a picture of Princess Diana on her social media.

The Paris Saint-Germain striker appeared to be accused by current wife, Nara, 34, of being unfaithful after she recently posted pictures on her Instagram without her wedding ring.

However, Icardi posted a photo of him and his wife embracing with their current status unknown.

The caption read: “Thank you, my love, for continuing to trust this beautiful family, thank you for being the engine of our lives,” he wrote on Instagram.

“I love you. How much it hurts to hurt your loved ones. You only heal when you have forgiveness from those you’ve hurt.”

He later posted a different message, saying “Hold me tight, and never let go of me, Wanda.”

But the reconciliation was then thrown into doubt as Nara shared a mystery post on Instagram of late Princess Diana.

She famously divorced Prince Charles, who she accused of having an affair.

The post caught some reaction on social media, with people giving their take on what precisely the photo meant.

Will Wanda and Mauro iron out their problems? Let us know in the comments section.

One wrote: “Wanda really said ‘Am I princess Diana?'”

Another said: “Just in case you’re wondering where the Icardi/Wanda drama is at right now, she’s posted an image of Princess Diana.”

A third wrote: “And Wanda posts a picture of Princess Diana. These lot need their own show.”

The social media activity did not stop there as Icardi recently unfollowed every single account on his Instagram, including his club PSG, apart from Nara.


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