WAGs from the Man City vs. PSG Champions League match, from beach babe to Wanda Nara.


WAGs from the Man City vs. PSG Champions League match, from beach babe to Wanda Nara.

The Champions League match between Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain will place tonight, so we thought it would be a good opportunity to look at some of the players’ sweethearts.

As Manchester City prepares for their Champions League match against Paris Saint-Germain, the clubs will undoubtedly be scrutinized by the players’ wives and girlfriends.

The WAGs, as they’re called, are professionals at utilizing social media to create a platform for themselves and have amassed a large following.

With recent scandals involving their spouses making the press, Jack Grealish and Mauro Icardi may be the most well-known for their love lives.

But, in addition to them, we now take a look at some more notable WAGs who could be seen strutting their thing in the Etihad on Wednesday night.

Here’s a peek at some of the jaw-dropping support from the other halves.

Over the summer, Marco Verratti married his model fiancée. Verratti and the brunette married in front of their family and friends in a ceremony in Paris.

Jessica, 29, was first photographed with Verratti, 28, at the Monaco Grand Prix in 2019, only a few months after the Italian divorced Laura Zazzara.

Icardi and Wanda Nara have had a tumultuous few months. Wanda accused Icardi of cheating on her while sharing photos of her ex-boyfriend, Maxi Lopez, on social media.

Due to the high-profile repercussions, the striker even missed PSG training.

With photographs of them together on Facebook, it appears that the couple has rekindled their love for one another.

However, there are still unanswered issues about their tumultuous relationship.

Antonela Roccuzzo, Lionel Messi’s wife, has known the superstar since she was five years old, and the two haven’t been apart since.

According to the Sun, the PSG player has been visiting her home since he was a child, and while it is unclear how long the two have been dating since they were children, they made their relationship public in 2008.

According to rumors, despite being in an on-again, off-again relationship with Sasha Attwood, Jack Grealish has been in communication with Emily Atack of the Inbetweeners for a length of time.

Grealish disputed the rumors on social media, and latest reports indicate that he and his fiancée are looking for a home in Cheshire.

Following claims that Grealish had been in contact with Emily Atack, 31, and 24-year-old Love, the two have held talks concerning their relationship, according to The Sun. The news is summarized by Brinkwire.


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