View video that PROVES Deontay Wilder was to blame. Tyson Fury’s count increased following a knockdown during the epic battle.


View video that PROVES Deontay Wilder was to blame. Tyson Fury’s count increased following a knockdown during the epic battle.

After Tyson Fury was knocked down and given a lengthier count, DEONTAY WILDER just has himself to blame.

In round four, Fury was knocked down for the second time, but he survived the count to continue fighting.

However, fans and commentators, including American boxing star Andre Ward, claimed that the count had been stretched.

Referee Russell Mora stopped counting at five because Wilder was not in a neutral corner, according to video.

Mora came to a halt at that time, signaling the American to move towards the neutral corner before continuing his count.

The official was only following the Association of Boxing Commissions and Combative Sports’ rules.

“When a knockdown happens, the opponent of the downed boxer shall proceed to the farthest neutral corner and remain there while the count is taken.”

“If the opponent fails to report to or return to the neutral corner, the referee may stop counting and resume where he or she left off when the opponent reports to or returns to the neutral corner.”


Despite the fact that the rules were followed, fans were outraged that Fury had been awarded vital extra seconds.

“The count was incredibly slow,” tweeted UFC legend Daniel Cormier. He can’t stop counting in order to urge Deontay to go to his corner.” “That was an extraordinarily sluggish count on both of those knockdowns, I don’t know what that was about,” Ward, who was working on commentary from ringside, remarked. When Fury was put down in the final round of their first fight, there was a similar drama.

When the Gypsy King awoke, referee Jack Reiss counted to eight before asking him to go towards him and continuing the fight.

Fury, 33, won the rematch two years later in seven rounds, but the trilogy bout was the best of the bunch.

Wilder, 35, was knocked down in the third round but bounced back to score two knockdowns of his own in the fourth.

Fury then floored the Bronze Bomber in round ten before closing the exhibition in the 11th.

After the match, Wilder declined to embrace the winner, but his trainer, Malik Scott, praised Britain’s WBC champion.

“Tyson, fantastic fighter you are,” Scott posted on Instagram.

“You have an unusual ability to bring out the best in people, and I accepted this assignment with open arms, knowing we were [sic]going up against one of the best heavyweights of ANY age, and with my man @kronksugarhill as your head… Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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