Vettel and Alonso were in the midst of the “most perilous F1 moment” that could have resulted in tears.


Vettel and Alonso were in the midst of the “most perilous F1 moment” that could have resulted in tears.

During Austrian Grand Prix qualifying, Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso came dangerously close to colliding.

According to former Mercedes manager Norbert Haug, a qualifying altercation between Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso could have ended “quite horribly.” Following the near-miss, both drivers were in a less-than-ideal position heading into the Austrian Grand Prix.

Alonso was on his penultimate hot lap of Q2 when he ran into Vettel, who was much slower owing to a traffic jam in front of him.

Vettel received a grid penalty for technically hindering the Spaniard, causing him to start 11th instead of eighth on race day.

Meanwhile, despite setting the third quickest time in Q1, Alonso had to settle for a disappointing 14th place on the grid.

Recognizing the gravity of the situation, Haug told SPORT1: “Situations like this are the most perilous of all.”

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“If you don’t figure out the regulations, it’ll end in tears.” Regulations are all that is required.

“If Alonso had encountered Vettel, things may have gone horribly wrong.

“I believe you must devote yourself entirely to this awful habit, this slow train. Otherwise, things will go awry. It’s not enjoyable.”

Alonso was understandably disappointed that he was unable to build on his Q1 momentum in the aftermath of qualifying.

“It’s quite confusing,” he told Sky Sports. It has to be common sense and stern punishments, since what happened today is not right.

“It’s going to be very frustrating if we lose a lot of points tomorrow. Now we have a race to forget, with a starting position of 14th. It’s finished.”

Although the Spaniard was clearly gloomy about his racing chances after qualifying, he nevertheless managed to qualify for the race and finish 10th.

The 39-year-old did so at the expense of George Russell, prompting an admission that denying the youngster his first Williams points made him “a little bit sad.”

Despite the fact that both Vettel and Alonso were personally involved in the incident, neither man shown any hatred toward the other in the aftermath.

“I only spotted him very late, so there was not much I could have done,” the German explained, “and I believe it’s the fault of the drivers ahead of me who constantly skipping the queue.”

“I don’t believe that is correct.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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