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Usain Bolt claims he ‘didn’t get a fair chance’ during his Australian football trial

Usain Bolt believes he didn’t get a fair chance during his Australian football trial.

After retiring from athletics, the world’s fastest man failed to earn a contract with A-League side Central Coast Mariners in 2018, despite scoring twice in a friendly match.

The former Olympic champion later failed to agree terms with Maltese side Valletta, but believes he deserved more time to prove himself in Australia.

‘I think I didn’t get a fair chance,’ Bolt told Wide World of Sports.  

‘I didn’t do it how I wanted to do it, but it’s something I think I would’ve been good at.

‘But it’s just one of those things you miss out on and just have to move on.

‘I do think about it sometimes that it didn’t work out the way that I wanted it to, because football is something that I love. 

‘The fact that it didn’t work out I do think about it, but as I said, it’s one of those things you’ve got to move past.’

Bolt, a big Manchester United fan, also revealed clubs had contacted him about returning to the game but the new dad said he is focusing on spending time with his family.  

‘I’ve had calls of people asking me if I really want to [go back to football], but after the time period has passed, I’m like you know what, I’m getting old, let’s just retire and I now have my daughter so she keeps me busy.’

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