Ulrika Jonsson slams Jack Grealish for dating rumors, claiming that “misogyny triumphs.”


Ulrika Jonsson slams Jack Grealish for dating rumors, declaring that “misogyny wins.”

Ulrika Jonsson slammed the idea of Jack Grealish remaining a “golden boy,” claiming that the footballer has dated Emily Atack and Amber Gill while in a relationship.

Despite being in a relationship, Ulrika Jonsson has slammed Jack Grealish for continuing to be a “golden boy” amid rumors that he’s dating Emily Atack and Amber Gill.

As she weighed in on the Jack Grealish dating drama, the 54-year-old model fumed that “misogyny is still the highest scorer.”

While being in a relationship with his long-term girlfriend, Sasha Attwood, the Manchester City footballer has reportedly been dating actress Emily Atack and former Love Island star Amber Gill.

Amber has categorically denied having a romantic relationship with Jack, writing on Instagram, “I’ve never been the ‘other woman,’ nor will I ever be!”

The model came to Emily and Amber’s defense after they were trolled on social media for allegedly attempting to “steal” Grealish from one another.

She ripped into the public narrative of women squabbling over Jack, despite the fact that he is still England’s “golden boy.”

“Predicted trysts with actress Emily Atack and Love Islander Amber Gill, away from his long-term girlfriend Sasha, have come to the fore,” she told The Sun.

“As is customary, pity is shown for the long-term girlfriend, with Emily and Amber being mocked for allegedly’stealing’ him.”

“However, Jack remains England’s golden boy, while the rest of the world waits for handbags at 20 paces between the women.”

“Misogyny continues to be the highest-scoring category.”

Ulrika previously had an affair with Sven-Göran Eriksson, the former England football manager, who was dating Nancy Dell’Ollio at the time.

Later, the mother compared the Grealish situation to her own relationship with Sven.

Using football analogies such as “Nancy 1 Ulrika 0,” she explained how the public would pit her against Nancy in a feud narrative.

She also stated that the reports “turned a story about two desperate women into a story about a weak, selfish man.”

Ulrika’s affair with Sven was confirmed in April 2002, and she was hired as a columnist for the News of the World shortly after.

It comes after reports that Jack is torn between staying with his childhood sweetheart, Sasha Attwood, and dating Emily Atack.

“Jack is very perplexed,” a source told The Sun.

On the one hand, he’s told to stick to his childhood.

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