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UFC star Derrick Lewis says ‘I need a s***’ on live TV after beating Alexey Oleynik at Fight Night in Las Vegas

UFC star Derrick Lewis incredibly said “I need a s***” on live TV after beating Alexey Oleynik at Fight Night in Las Vegas.

The American heavyweight, 35, secured a record-breaking knockout after stunning his opponent with a flying knee.

But as he prepared to speak to Paul Felder to discuss his victory, Lewis revealed he needed to rush to the bathroom.

With Felder asking his first question, ‘The Black Beast’ – appearing to speak to someone off camera – said: “I need to take a s***, man.”

The interviewer laughed it off and responded: “Well, listen, we’ll get to that in a second. Can you hear me brother?”

Lewis replied: “Hello? Oh yeah yeah what’s up?”

Felder then cracked on with his questioning, suggesting Lewis could rush off and empty his bowels as soon as he was done.

The comment received a mixed reaction on social media with some labelling it “hilarious” but others found it “cringe”, “fake” and “forced”.

One wrote: “‘I had to get out of there. I gotta take a s***.’ -Derrick Lewis. Truly the Shakespeare of our time.”

Another commented: “He just said he had to take a s*** on air thinking he was off air still – I need more Derrick Lewis wins in my life.”

Incredibly, it is not the first time Lewis has talked about needing to do a No2 on fight night.

In 2017, when he beat Travis Browne, he claimed he grabbed his abdomen after taking a kick “to try not to s*** on myself”.

He said: “I’m holding my gas in and trying to breathe at the same time. I just didn’t want to s*** in front of national TV, especially with the internet going around and making memes – no I can’t have that.”

In the build up to Saturday’s headline fight, Lewis caused controversy by spitting in Oleynik’s food.

The pair were sent food by the UFC’s Performance Institute but a mix up meant Lewis got his hands on his and his opponent’s meals – and filmed himself gobbing in the Russian’s dish to add “flavour” to it.

In the Octagon, Lewis secured a KO early in the second round, jumping up with his knee to bring Oleynik down.

He then pounded the 43-year-old with a series of sickening blows to the head before the fight was stopped.

And the victory meant he secured his 11th KO in the UFC, more than any other heavyweight in history and tied for second with four others across all weight divisions.

Lewis said: “It’s crazy. I still can’t believe that I’ve got the most knockouts. It’s a crazy feeling because of all the great heavyweights before me.

“Watching Brock Lesnar and Cain Velasquez, all those guys for all those years. Seeing they didn’t accomplish what I did, I’ve just gotta stay humble about it.”

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1️⃣1️⃣ Derrick [email protected]_ufc now has the most knockout victories in UFC heavyweight history 💥#UFCVegas6

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