Tyson Fury mocks the concept of a “one-trick pony.” Before the dramatic five-minute staredown, Deontay Wilder


Tyson Fury mocks the concept of a “one-trick pony.” Before the dramatic five-minute staredown, Deontay Wilder

On July 24, Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder will wrap up their trilogy.

At their pre-fight press conference, Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder exchanged a tense five-minute staredown ahead of their third battle later this summer. After an arbitration case thwarted dreams of a heavyweight unification battle between the Gypsy King and Anthony Joshua, Fury and Wilder are set to finish their trilogy on July 24.

Now that Fury’s fight with Wilder is confirmed, the two met for a pre-fight news conference on Tuesday evening, and the Bronze Bomber looked unusually quiet.

“Enough said,” Wilder remarked after thanking his legal team for assuring the fight will go place. It’s time to sever his head. There will be bloodshed on July 24. I’ll see you shortly if you get your tickets now.”

After then, Wilder put on his headphones and refused to answer any questions for the rest of the event.

Meanwhile, Fury entered the ring shirtless and started to try to provoke his opponent by calling him a “one trick pony.”

Fury explained, “I gave up my game plan the last time because he wasn’t good enough to do anything about it.” “This time, I’ll do the same thing.

“Wilder is a one-trick pony,” says the author. What am I going to do this time? I’m going to run him over like an 18-wheeler.

“I guarantee he won’t go any further than [the seventh round].”

“I barely had five or six weeks to prepare what I was going to do to him before. I’ve had 18 months this time.

“I’m trying to get up to 300 pounds because I’m looking for a big knockout right away,” he says.

“I don’t believe he’s involved psychologically, physically, or emotionally.

“He’s doing it for the wrong reasons, and when individuals do things like that, they usually end up hurting themselves.”

Fury outboxed Wilder but was dropped twice in the first bout between the two, which finished in a draw.

Fury won the WBC world heavyweight title by stopping Wilder in the seventh round of the second fight.

Sugarhill Steward, Fury’s trainer, has warned: “He now has the power to put a man out with one blow.”

“That, coupled with his other boxing skills and his boxing IQ, is something I’m glad he now has. He can knock you out with a single punch.”

Fury and Wilder then squared off in front of the cameras, and neither man budge for about five minutes, bringing the fight to a close. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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