Tyson Fury hits out at Deontay Wilder for bringing Dominic Breazeale’s son into trash talk

Tyson Fury has criticised Deontay Wilder ahead of a potential showdown between the pair following comments made as part of an ugly ongoing feud involving the Bronze Bomber and Dominic Breazeale.

Wilder and Breazeale previously clashed in a hotel lobby in 2017 after fighting on the same card in Birmingham, Alabama and it has been speculated that the American heavyweight duo could now settle their differences in the ring. 

‘And if it do happen, aw man, I’ma make sure he bring his son up on the stage to look the man in the eye that’s gonna cripple his daddy,’ Wilder recently told FightHype.com.

Those controversial comments drew a strong rebuke from Fury, who could challenge the reigning WBC champion in November after Dillian Whyte sacrificed his position as mandatory challenger.

Taking to Twitter, he said: ‘Saying stuff like that is out of order & sad to involve a child. I pray for everyone I fight to do there best & get home safely. There is to much BS like this in boxing.’ 

Breazeale also later hit back at Wilder’s jibe in a personal and x-rated tirade posted to his official Instagram account.

‘Lord I ask for your forgiveness. What I’m about to say should have never came out of my mouth,’ he said.

‘Wilder, you ain’t s**t. For one man to talk about another man’s son and to talk about crippling a man in the ring, you ain’t nothing man.

‘You got the heavyweight championship, that’s about it. Outside of that, two wives, three girlfriends, three kids you know about, a disabled child, kids on the side. Your life is all f****d up.

‘You want to come at me with some b******t? Be a man, step up, get the paperwork done, send the contract over. You and I, we can square this off in the ring.

‘And you’ll lose the only thing you’ve ever had good in your life. Send it over. My revenge is coming.’


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