Tyson Fury hires a bus to transport Jake Paul’s ‘dosser’ gag ahead of his fight with Tommy.


Tyson Fury hires a bus to transport Jake Paul’s “dosser” gag ahead of his fight with Tommy Fury.

Tyson Fury has been busy branding Jake Paul a “dosser” ahead of his fight with Tommy Paul, his younger brother.

Tyson Fury hired a bus with a Jake Paul is a “dosser” gag for a press conference with his younger brother Tommy Fury earlier today. The Gypsy King took to social media to post the advertisement on the side of a bus promoting the fight, which will be aired on BT Sport.

“Just bumped into this character here,” the WBC Heavyweight Champion wrote on Instagram, adding, “Jake Paul’s a dosser, Get up there you old dosser.”

Tommy’s older brother, world heavyweight champion Tyson, has been a vocal supporter of the 22-year-old ahead of his highly anticipated fight on December 18 in Tampa, Florida.

Throughout the build-up to the fight, the Fury and Paul families have been trading jabs.

Tommy pleaded with YouTube star turned boxer Paul not to ‘pull out’ of their fight earlier this month, as the former Love Islander plans to’splatter’ his American opponent.

“I’m going to splatter him,” he said.

Please, Jake Paul, don’t pull out.”

“It’s as if I’ve won the lottery.”

You’re asking me to fight on a massive global stage for a nice sum of money, and all I have to do is fight Jake Paul, a YouTuber.”

Fury enters his fight with Paul undefeated, having won all seven of his professional fights to date, and despite the fact that his opponent is also undefeated, he believes he has ‘won the lottery’ by being forced to fight the YouTuber.

The reality star is unfazed by the prospect of facing Paul, with his main concern being the YouTube sensation’s withdrawal from the fight.

“It’s finally official,” Paul said on Instagram after the fight was announced.

Timothy had no choice but to sign the contract in order to pay off his bar tabs, buy a club shirt, and get off Molly’s payroll.

“On December 18, I’m renaming this w***er Tommy Fumbles and celebrating with Tom Brady in Tampa Bay.

“Pucker up, Timmy… it’s time to bid your last name and the boxing legacy of your family farewell.”

As if the Love Island contestant didn’t already have enough to deal with, Fury’s father, John, has added to the pressure.

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