Tyson Fury claims Manchester United are taking a “worse beating than Deontay Wilder” following their derby defeat.


Tyson Fury claims Manchester United are taking a “worse beating than Deontay Wilder” after their derby loss.

After a lackluster 2-0 loss in the Manchester derby, TYSON FURY has issued a warning to Manchester United.

The Gypsy King, 33, is an ardent United supporter who has been disappointed by recent results.

And, after the team’s defeat to Manchester City at Old Trafford, he has taken it upon himself to criticize them for their lack of effort.

“After today’s defeat to City, it is fair to say United are taking a worse beating than Deontay Wilder took in all of his fights against me,” Fury said in a video message posted to Twitter.

“They’re getting absolutely smashed out there, and I believe part of it is because the players, no disrespect to any of you, don’t seem to be going all out to win these games.”

“When I was on the floor fighting Wilder – or any other man I’ve ever fought – I never thought I’d lose the fight.”

“I’ve always had the mindset that I’d come back and win; it’s known as a winning mentality.”

And you guys haven’t had that in the last few games.

“I believe Patrice Evra and I will come down to training and provide you with some of the hard work that you require.”


“I’ll see you all again soon.”

Prepare yourself.”

Only a few weeks ago, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer urged his team to take a page from Fury’s book and bounce back when knocked down.

When United takes on Watford next week, they will have to do just that.

Following the 5-0 loss to Liverpool, Solskjaer was under a lot of pressure, and while he saved his job by beating Spurs, his job as United manager is still in jeopardy.

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