Tottenham Hotspur 3-0 United Leeds: Premier League – How did it happen?


For Leeds, Harry Kane and Son-Heung min were too sweet to fire Spurs to third in the table.

This is a very tired Son-Heung min here,
It was a very hard game – they’re doing an amazing job and working so hard. We’ve produced a lot of opportunities and scored a goal, it’s a great start to the year.

I couldn’t wait [to score Spurs’ 100th goal]and I’m very pleased and very grateful to my teammates who helped me early on.

For this great accomplishment, I needed a great deal of support and I am very proud.

The most important thing, however, is that here we have the clean sheet and the three targets.

For a long time, Harry and I have been working together, so we get along very well.

I’m very sad that today I wasn’t able to give H an assist. For me, the ball he played was perfect.

It’s telepathy sometimes, and we work on it sometimes.

For the Spurs, who were a model of transition efficiency and should have scored six or seven goals, it was an easy win. The controversial penalty of Harry Kane placed them ahead, Son scored a fine goal just before halftime – his 100th for Spurs – and in the third, Toby Alderweireld went.

Beep, beep, beep! In the big ladder game in the 2020-21 Premier League season, spurs will move from seventh to third.

90+2 min: Sent off for Doherty! For a late tackle on Pablo Hernandez, Matt Doherty gets his second yellow card and Spurs are down to ten.

The decision was pretty obvious.

90+1 min “Wash your mouth out, or at least clean your fingers,” says Richard Hirst, “The Dutch Total Football Team and derogatory fouls in the same post.”

The guys knew how to take care of themselves, Neeskens in particular. David Lacey had this great expression, I think from 1978, reminding us that the clog was invented by the Dutch.

90 min “VAR is Trump’s sports equivalent,” says Mary Waltz. “His outrageous actions and words force you back into talking about him no matter how much you want to stop discussing Trump.” VAR is the same: it is ruining everything that is positive in this country.
So, who is our Joe Biden, or what? Is it Peter Walton?

89 min Phillips is warned of a foul on Vinicius. That means he’s suspended at Crawley for Leeds’ next game, the FA Cup tie.

It’s almost as if he was doing it on purpose!

88 min “Ndombele is Spurs’ most talented player,” says Cian O’Mahony. “Tough Love – or lack thereof – has nothing to do with it.”
Last season, he was their most talented player, too, and he sucked.

I think drawing a correlation is fair, but it’s also reasonable to think he’s always going to be healthy.

I’m already getting better.

87 mins Harry Kane made one and scored one, and he’s made one now.

Carlos Vinicius will replace him.

85 min Hojbjerg gets a yellow card because he couldn’t do his job because of the referee (And for a foul on Pablo Hernandez).

84 min “Just seen the answer to the quiz from earlier,” says Peter McHugh. “I used to work with a fan of Spurs (as I am one myself) who used to call Sammy Heighway of Vinny Samways.” His malapropisms were mythical.
I would like to know what Steffen Freund thinks of him. “Steffen, can I have your autograph?” And have you got half an hour to chat about my sexual appetite for my mom? ”

83 min After Raphinha’s cross, Bamford heads straight at Lloris from 12 m. Not much of an opportunity.

83 min Phillips blocks the shot of Hojbjerg, but big misses.

80 min Raphinha gets the best of Doherty and attempts a speculative cross that the onrushing Lloris safely saves.

79 min Not a lot happens.

Like Tigger, Leeds still bounce around, Spurs still work hard to hold the objective of Hugo Lloris clean.

78 min “It’s not quite the same as taking advantage by not taking advantage, but one of my abiding memories is watching the Dutch ‘total soccer’ team of the 70s play England at Wembley,” says Richard Hirst. “On TV you saw the pass played and maybe another option.

Live, you saw the many ways the team flowed forward and backward – breathtaking.”
We’ll do a Joy of Six on that soon – assists without touching the ball. Runs off the ball, dummies, sneaky fouls on standard situations.

If you have nominations, please send them in. Number 1 is Marco van Basten, that’s all there is.

77 min Another change for Spurs: Lucas Moura replaces Tanguy Ndombele, who has had a 7/10 day. He has become a very important player for Spurs


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