Toto Wolff warns of Red Bull’s speed, but admits that Mercedes isn’t ready to hand over the baton just yet.


Toto Wolff warns of Red Bull’s speed, but admits that Mercedes isn’t ready to hand over the baton just yet.

Toto Wolff, the CEO of Mercedes, has expressed his concerns ahead of the British Grand Prix.

Toto Wolff, Mercedes team principal, says he doesn’t expect any major changes from their British Grand Prix improvement package at Silverstone, but the team “won’t stop battling” as Lewis Hamilton attempts to cut the deficit on Max Verstappen this weekend.

Red Bull has won five of the last six races, extending their Constructors’ Championship lead to 44 points, with Verstappen leading Hamilton by 32 points coming into round 10, the British Grand Prix.

If Mercedes wants to stay in the fight with Red Bull and Verstappen this season, Hamilton has demanded changes to their car, with Mercedes’ chief technical officer James Allison stating new parts would be introduced at Silverstone.

Hamilton remarked ahead of the Austrian Grand Prix, “I knew we’d get that update.” “At the end of the day, the boys are working,” says the narrator. Everyone is putting forth a lot of effort.

“We’re learning more and more about this car, and we’re figuring out where we need to push harder and extract more, and I have complete faith in the crew to do it over time.”

Despite Hamilton’s seven wins over the Northamptonshire track, Wolff said on Friday that he doesn’t anticipate to see significant changes in their pace.

“What we want to communicate is that the enhancements will not make a significant difference; there is a performance gap with Red Bull, which we knew even before Silverstone.

“The new track is a little part of what we need here to make our vehicles happier, and it is.

“The drivers are actually extremely pleased with where the car is at the moment.

“We were the only ones completing a genuine long run [in practice], but there is simply a performance gap, and we simply need to stay current with the technologies that are available to us.

“Obviously, and despite that, we continue to fight.”

“It’s not just one race; this is motor racing; if you start saying, ‘We’ve got a gap and we won’t be able to close it,’ you shouldn’t be here.’

“I believe it is a test for the team that has been excellent over the past seven years.

“And we are obviously not prepared to pass the torch to these guys, but we will see how the season plays out, as well as next year.”

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