Toto Wolff reacts to Lewis Hamilton’s championship setback after Valtteri Bottas spins at the Mexican Grand Prix.


Toto Wolff reacts to Lewis Hamilton’s championship loss after Valtteri Bottas spins out at the Mexican Grand Prix.

Toto Wolff, Mercedes’ CEO, reacts to a “painful” Mexico Grand Prix weekend.

Lewis Hamilton’s race in the Mexican Grand Prix was described by Mercedes boss Toto Wolff as “damage limitation,” as the seven-time world champion fell further behind Red Bull’s Max Verstappen in the Drivers’ Championship battle.

After chasing down his team-mate towards Turn 1 in Mexico City, Hamilton finished second, with Verstappen adding an 11th win to Red Bull’s season tally.

While fighting for the lead, the Mercedes duo were caught off guard when Red Bull’s Verstappen went around the outside of both drivers and took the lead into Turn 1.

Bottas was sandwiched coming into the first corner, and was then clipped by McLaren’s Daniel Ricciardo, spinning him around and sending him to the back of the field.

It meant Hamilton had to hold off Sergio Perez’s Red Bull on his own while attempting to catch the race leader in the final moments.

Red Bull added a haul of points to their tally in the Constructors’ Championship, which Mercedes now leads by just a single point. Hamilton finished second, between Verstappen and Perez, with Red Bull adding a haul of points to their tally.

Bottas finished 15th, depriving Red Bull of a point for the fastest lap.

However, because the Finn finished outside of the top 10, he was not eligible for the point, which angered team manager Wolff.

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff told Sky Sports F1: “You have to congratulate Red Bull because the pace was just on another level.”

“Even if we had stayed ahead in the first corner, I don’t think we could have won the race because they could have driven circles around the pit stops.”

“So, in the end, I think it was damage limitation for Lewis’ championship, and for the constructor Valtteri spinning out Turn 1 was just very painful.”

“I’m not sure what they did wrong in qualifying, but this is the pace we saw on Friday.”

It’s not as bad as we had hoped, but we have to accept it.”

With only four races remaining in the 2021 world championship, Verstappen now leads Hamilton by 19 points.

With points lost, Wolff believes Bottas and Hamilton’s first corner strategy was less than ideal.

“That ought to do it.

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