Toto Wolff, Mercedes’ CEO, takes aim at the ‘strange’ Red Bull as the team’s title hopes are dashed.


Toto Wolff, Mercedes’ CEO, takes aim at the ‘strange’ Red Bull as the team’s title hopes are dashed.

Toto Wolff questioned why Red Bull is ‘protesting so loudly’ about their pace, with Max Verstappen well ahead of Lewis Hamilton.

Toto Wolff, the CEO of Mercedes-Benz, has questioned why Red Bull is “protesting so loudly” over hypotheses about where their speed comes from. Max Verstappen’s victory at the Red Bull Ring on Sunday was his team’s fourth in a row, and it increased his lead over Lewis Hamilton in the Formula One drivers’ standings to 18 points.

In the constructors’ championship, Red Bull leads its opponents by 40 points, putting Mercedes in the unique position of having to catch up.

Following Verstappen’s victory in the French Grand Prix the previous round, Wolff stated that Red Bull had “taken a significant stride ahead with their power unit, the introduction of the second power unit.”

In France, Honda chose to shift both Red Bull and AlphaTauri to their second power unit of the year, following Mercedes’ lead in Baku.

Teams must run the same specification engine throughout the season due to homologation requirements, and Red Bull boss Christian Horner said there was no horsepower gain with the second unit, stating of Wolff’s statements, “I don’t know what he’s addressing to.”

However, following Red Bull’s weekend victory, Wolff has questioned why team principal Horner is so defensive.

“I’m not sure why that’s such a hot topic when we all know the power units need to be homologated,” Wolff said, according to Autosport.

“I’m astonished that the Red Bull men keep protesting the power unit story so strongly. So that’s a little strange.

“The rules are quite straightforward. It’s homogenized, you can devise reliability solutions, and that’s all there is to it.

“Obviously, there are some things you can clean up, but you have your tokens, and you must utilize them. That’s all there is to it.”

“As a result, there should be no power advantage.”

“We’re not permitted to make progress,” Horner stated after Wolff’s comments following the French Grand Prix. I’m not sure what he’s referring to there.

“I believe the specifications are the same as the first device. Because we used a considerably smaller rear wing, the straight line performance was excellent.

“I believe Honda is doing an excellent job, but we have yet to see.” Brinkwire Summary News”.


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